Word(s) or sentence answer

  1. Some varieties of staphylococcus bacteria have developed resistance to medical antibiotics.  This as taken as evidence in support of what theory?
  2. The Clinostigma ponapensis (kotop) palm seen on the mountain yesterday is uniquely found on Pohnpei as are many other plants.  What is the scientific term for the reason so many unique indigenous species are found on Pohnpei?
  3. What does xylem conduct?
  4. In what direction in the plant does xylem conduct?
  5. What does phloem conduct?
  6. In what direction in the plant does phloem conduct?
  7. What is the function of starch amyloplasts in root cells?
  8. What is the function of the mucus-like mucilage produced by root tip cells?
  9. Mangrove plants often develop specialized roots called pneumatophores.  What is the function of pneumatophores?
  10. What is the name of the roots that extend outwards along the ground from the base of large, old trees and primarily provide stability to the tree.
  11. What is the color of the coffee flower?
  12. What is the color of the cycad flower?
  13. What is the botanic name of the plant seen below and seen yesterday growing on the ground up high on the mountain?

selaginella01.jpg (36663 bytes)

More than one sentence answer

  1. Ralph has a theory that little green Martians are living in Ninduwi, Kitti, but that they are invisible and undetectable by anyone and anything. Explain why Ralph's theory is not a scientific theory.
  2. The four principles underlying natural selection are the overproduction of offspring, limited resources, survival of the best adapted, inheritance of favorable genetics.   Explain how the overproduction of offspring contributes to natural selection.
  3. Why are chloroplasts important to plants?
  4. Explain why, in terms of plant tissues, why when you cut off the top of a palm tree the palm usually dies, but when you cut of the top of an Araucaria columnaris (Cook Island Pine) the tree lives and usually grows a new top.
  5. What are "metal munching plants" and for what are they being used?
  6. What is the function of root nodules?

Labeled drawings/sketches

  1. Draw a cladogram for the following data:
Evolutionarily... Plant Feature
primitive Lycopodium cernuum tracheid xylem only
advanced Araucaria columnaris
(Cook Island Pine)
tracheid xylem only
advanced Mangifera indica
(Mango tree)
tracheid and vessel element xylem
advanced Bixa orellana
(Achiote or Annatto)
tracheid and vessel element xylem
  1. Draw three sketches, one of Cocos nucifera (Coconut palm, uhp, nu), one of Araucaria columnaris (Cook Island Pine), and one of Musa X paradisiaca (edible banana, uht, usr) and indicate where the apical meristem(s) are located on the two trees.

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