Word(s) or sentence answer

  1. List the five kingdoms
  2. To which kingdom does penicillin belong?
  3. What kingdom has chitin in its cell walls?
  4. What is chitin most like?
  5. Write any one of the local names for cyanobacteria in Micronesia.
  6. Write any one of the local names for a shelf or bracket fungus in Micronesia.
  7. Write any Micronesian name for the plant seen at the following addresses:
  8. Why isn’t moss found in downtown Chicago?
  9. Name two different environments in which we found Chlorophyta during our swamp walk.
  10. To what botanical division does 98080610.jpg (22914 bytes) belong?

Paragraph answer

  1. Why is chlorophyll green?
  2. What is the adaptive advantage to red algae being red?
  3. What is the purpose of phycocyanins in cyanobacteria?
  4. If you see black bread mold on your bread and cut the mold off the bread, is the bread mold free?
  5. Why?
  6. Based on what was covered in lecture, why would agriculture quarantine officers have to be concerned about someone importing soil?
  7. 80% of the atmosphere is nitrogen. Through what mechanism/system/entities do plants obtain nitrogen?

Labeled drawings/sketches

  1. Draw a typical member of basidiomycetes.
  2. Draw a complete, labelled diagram of a mycorrhical association.

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