Quicky Quiz 4

1. Earlobe attachment is a result of:

  1. natural selection
  2. gene flow
  3. genetic drift
  4. reproductive isolation

2. In evolution and natural selection

  1. genes modify themselves to best adapt a species to its environment
  2. genes undergo random mutations that may be harmful or beneficial to the species
  3. genes are selected for reproduction by cellular mechanisms based on their usefulness to a species
  4. genes are modified by what a species species does while alive and these modifications are passed on to the offspring

3. A key difference between science and faith is

  1. faith can be proven false
  2. faith is based on facts
  3. science is based on belief
  4. science can be proven false

4. What is the white stuff in popcorn?

5. An orchid is a monocot. How many leaves first emerge from an orchid seed?

6. (Bonus) Give the latin name of the plants from which these seeds came (Mimosa pudica)

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