Choose the area from which you intend to select your three plants for your virtual herbarium page (Due 22 October)

  1. Seedless vascular plants (lycophyta, pterophyta)
  2. gymnosperms (cycadophyta, pinophyta)
  3. dicot: herbaceous (non-woody stemmed dicots)
  4. dicot: shrub
  5. dicot: tree
  6. monocot: herbaceous (non-woody stemmed monocots)
  7. monocot: shrub
  8. monocot: tree

Write up a Brief Description of Your Three Plants (Due 29 October)

  1. Division (phylla)
  2. Class (monocot or dicot if applicable)
  3. Habit: herb, shrub, or tree
  4. Leaf shape
  5. Margin type
  6. Leaf arrangement
  7. Inflorescence type (or sori pattern and color, cone structure as applicable)
  8. Flower shape (magnoliophyta only)
  9. Flower color(s) (magnoliophyta only)
  10. Seed or fruit type (magnoliophyta only)

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