Mountain Hike Research Paper Alternative Assignment

Goal: To learn general knowledge about the major biomes of the planet and specific knowledge about a particular biome of your choice.

Start with the site and perform a search on the term "Biomes" to learn about the biomes on the planet Earth. The textbook also includes a chapter on Biomes, you should refer to that as well for information. The Biomes page includes links to further information on the various biomes. Another page with similar information is:

Your paper should include a list of all the biomes on the planet earth with a brief description of what characterizes that biome. In that list note to which biome the FSM belongs. Then your paper should cover in detail a specific biome - you pick one biome and do a research briefing on that biome. I would expect the papers to be roughly three to four pages of text plus a bibliography. Some of the things you should, at a minimum, cover include:

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