1. What is the primary mission of the Institute of Economic Botany?
  2. Explain how Dr. Balick met the goal of principal activity bullet list item number six.
  3. What is the central theme to Dr. Balick's work?
  4. Where does Dr. Balick like to "wander?"
  5. What year was Dr. Balick born?
  6. How many moss species of North America will the NYBG catalog by 2004?
  7. Name the gardens and plant collections at the New York Botanical Garden that are described as including include tropical plants.
  8. How many species of ferns does the NYBG have in their collection?
  9. Find the Sarah Davis Smith Orchid Collection and look at the pictures of the orchids there. Vote for the prettiest orchid by writing down its name.
  10. What room is recommended for weddings at the garden?
  11. What is the name of the place you would go in the garden in winter to see the plants of home?

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