Botany Laboratory Field Trip to the Pohnpei Agriculture Station

The botany class took a field trip to the Pohnpei Agriculture Station on 10 November 1998.  Many thanks to Kadalino Lorens for his informative tour of the plants at the station.  The station is truly a botanical treasure!  The following are images from the station field trip.  All pictures were taken during the field trip.   Image tags will appear if roll the mouse over the picture.  Many are marked "UNK" for unknown fruits. If you can identify an unknown fruit, please let know.  The unknown images are in sequential order, hence the images of the tags are relevant to the images immediately after the tags.

Pohnpei pepper.jpg (9137 bytes)

Coffee blossoms Coffee beans
cinnamon.jpg (11474 bytes) cycad.jpg (13555 bytes) cassia01.jpg (12221 bytes)
cassia02.jpg (12432 bytes) cassia03.jpg (12370 bytes) cassia04.jpg (10481 bytes)
unk01.jpg (18425 bytes) unk02.jpg (18602 bytes) unk03.jpg (15737 bytes)
unk04.jpg (16119 bytes) unk05.jpg (17226 bytes) unk06.jpg (6233 bytes)
unk07.jpg (18741 bytes) unk08.jpg (19087 bytes) unk09.jpg (16671 bytes)
unk10.jpg (16592 bytes) unk11.jpg (Guinea chest nut?) unk12.jpg (17622 bytes)
unk13.jpg (8309 bytes) unk14.jpg (20910 bytes) unk15.jpg (6099 bytes)
UNK "cucumber fruit tree" UNK columnar habit tree Inside the columar habit tree
columnar habit tree leaves jenson.jpg (12753 bytes) students.jpg (15403 bytes)
sour.jpg (18366 bytes)

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