Practices That Govern COM-FSM Web Pages

The use of web pages are governed by Section VI: A-2 of the college's Technology Policy ( This publication guide outlines the proper formatting and presentation of web pages with respect to that policy.

All materials published on college sponsored web pages must follow the writing and graphic standards established by the college's style guide. The use of the college logo, the use of fonts, naming standards, and formatting of text must be in line with the guide.

The Information and Technology Office will provide templates that adhere to these rules for institutional use. Faculty will also be provided a template which will follow the same guidelines. All content that will be produced by individual college departments, offices, or divisions will need to follow the prescribed style guide. Exceptions to the guide will be allowed when the content needs to be presented in an alternative way to demonstrate the content matter.

All institutionalized webpages of the college will follow the template displayed in Figure 1 below. Through the college's Content Management System's (CMS), all college webpage will have a uniform header and footer. The actual content will vary based on the content matter which will be displayed in the body of the webpage. The content displayed through the CMS will also adhere to the guidelines set by this style guide

All individual webpages sponsored by the college will adhere to this guide-its usage of fonts, colors, and logos. At the bottom of each page, the footer will carry the image displayed below displayed with dimensions of 60 pixels by 45 pixels. The image will link back to the college's official webpage at Along with the footer image, the individual webpage must display a disclaimer indicating that the material being presented on the webpage does not reflect the colleges opinion's or views, and they are solely that of the webpage owners.

Figure 6. Sample COM-FSM Unit Web Page.

Figure 6. Sample COM-FSM Unit Web Page.

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