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Program Student Learning Outcomes Assessment
(AY 2020-2021)

Program Student Learning Outcomes(PSLOs)

At the completion of the Computer Information System Program, the student will be able to:
  1. CIS_PSLO_1. Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of technical concepts and ethical issues pertaining to information systems;
  2. CIS_PSLO_2. Demonstrate theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the management and strategic use of information systems and technology;
  3. CIS_PSLO_3. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of different software applications significant to manipulating and analyzing information as well as generating and presenting reports in the various functional areas of business;
  4. CIS_PSLO_4. Demonstrate solid foundation skills in database design and management, web engineering, programming, and networking; and
  5. CIS_PSLO_5. Demonstrate the ability to adapt to latest technologies using their foundation knowledge and skills from CIS.

PSLO Assessment Report Summary

What we looked at:

The CIS program targeted at least sixty percent (60%) of students should meet at least a BENCHMARK level of performance based on grading rubric as measured by individual hands-on project. This assessment targets CIS_PSLO_1, CIS_PSLO_2 and CIS_PSLO_4. Courses we looked at under CIS_PSLO_1 and CIS_PSLO_2 are IS201 and IS260 while for CIS_PSLO_4 we looked at IS230, IS220 and IS280.

What we found:

Courses targeted were all doing fine as far as the benchmark target of 60% is concerned except for two courses that are both skills-oriented and project-based at the same time, namely, IS220 (Programming) and IS240 (Web). Both of those courses need constant access of computers not just during its class schedule but outside of it. Students who have no computer of their own have hard time coping up with the skills-based exercises and as well as its final project that requires at least a week of doing such. The table below shows the courses and its corresponding success rate in relation to learning outcomes.

  Male Female Total Max %
IS201 5 6 11 18 61.11
IS260 8 7 15 18 83.33
IS220 5 5 10 22 45.45
IS230 7 8 15 18 83.33
IS240 4 3 7 12 58.33

What we are planning to work on:

  • Coordinate with bookstore to make sure that each student has their own computer before the course commences.
  • For IS240 upgrade the existing physical book to an e-book that allows student to interact with the material and better suited for faster learning.
  • For IS220 follow-up with CC for course modification request submitted last year. There will be possible change of programming language from C++ to Python which does not necessarily entail changes of course outlines.
  • Propose IC to preferably make skills-oriented and project-based courses to be offered face-to-face rather than online.
  • Develop and propose 3rd year certificate/diploma for CIS program to address transferability to other higher learning institutions as well as the current market needs. This proposed program will also help the meet the growing needs of other programs that need CIS elective courses.
  • Proposed to have a new computing lab to address the growth in course offerings and the number of students who will enroll.

Recommendations for students:

  • Develop a habit of logical thinking since there are many topics in Information Systems or computing for that matter that requires a systematic way of approaching and solving problems.
  • Acquire own computer to be used to access course resources and work on hands-on project even outside the classroom to increase proficiency in soft skills.
  • Make a good planning of registered course to accommodate the series of rigorous hands-on activities as expected in the field of ICT.
  • For online learning students we encourage them to work in safe and conducive studying environment.

Unit Assessment Report

Report Period: 2013-2014

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