ACCJC Manuals

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Accreditation Reference Handbook

This handbook contains the Eligibility Requirements for initial accreditation and reaffirmation of accreditation, the ACCJC Accreditation Standards, and current Commission policies.

Eligibility, Candidacy, and Initial Accreditation Manual

This manual includes the steps for establishing eligibility, candidacy, and initial accreditation by ACCJC as well as the Eligibility Requirements and Accreditation Standards.

Guide to Evaluating Distance Education and Correspondence Education

This guideis a tool in the ACCJC’s series of resources to be used by institutions preparing their Institutional Self Evaluation Report of Educational Quality and Institutional Effectiveness (formerly Self Study Report) and other reports and by teams conducting comprehensive visits and other visits.

Guide to Evaluating Institutions

This guide contains questions that might be asked about institutional quality as each Accreditation Standard is considered. It also provides suggestions for what might constitute evidence that an institution meets the Standards. It is intended for use by institutions as they write their Institutional Self Evaluation Report and by teams when evaluating institutions.

Institutional Financial Review and Resources

The following resources are taken from ACCJC presentations and workshops and cover Institutional Financial Review and Resources. You will want to download all documents:

Manual for Institutional Self Evaluation

This manual contains suggestions for how an institution should organize for self evaluation as well as forms that must be submitted as part of the Institutional Self Evaluation Report. It is intended for use by institutions as they prepare for self evaluation and the Institutional Self Evaluation Report.

Rubric for Evaluating Institutional Effectiveness

The Rubric for Evaluating Institutional Effectiveness that was developed by the Commission for use by colleges as they do self-assessment, by teams as they examine college adherence to the Accreditation Standards, and by the Commission as it evaluates institutions.

Substantive Change Manual

This manual includes information on changes considered substantive, the process used for obtaining ACCJC approval of substantive changes, the required format and content of a substantive change proposal, and the Substantive Change Policy.

Team Evaluator Manual

This manual is for use by individuals serving on teams. It outlines the responsibilities and activities of team service and contains forms used in reporting.

USDE Regulations Update for External Evaluation Teams

The USDE regulations updates are charts prepared periodically to alert team members of recent regulatory changes or interpretations. The charts provide citations and language of regulations, along with team practices that will align with current USDE expectations.

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