Building Technology Program

Program Student Learning Outcomes Assessment
(AY 2012-2013)

Program Student Learning Outcomes(PSLOS)

At the completion of Building Technology Program, the student will be able to:

  1. Practice Safety and occupational health procedures in the workplace.
  2. Use electrical hand and power tools competently.
  3. Test electrical equipment.
  4. Interpret schematic diagrams and waveforms.
  5. Determine the amount of load per circuit.
  6. Install wiring circuits according to given specification and plan
  7. Identify and interpret basic solid state (electronics) symbols and circuit schematics commonly found in the electrical industry
  8. Analyze circuit operations on basic motors.
  9. Perform basic troubleshooting on basic motors.
  10. Install and perform basic maintenance of air-conditioning units.
  11. Interpret and install electrical circuits according to rules and regulations of the National Electrical Code book.
  12. Install and analyze basic motor control circuits.

  • I=Introduced
  • D=Demonstrated
  • M=Mastery at a level appropriate for graduation
  • PSLO Assessment Report Summary

    What we looked at:

    The Building technology Program assessment focused on PSLOs 1to 12. Listed below are the results for each of the following PSLOs.

    What we found:

    • 8 out of 8 or 100% of the students got 'C' or better and were able to interpret electrical circuits according to electrical industry regulations base on performance worksheet on VEM 212 (National Electrical Code).
    • 13 out of 14 or 93% of the students got 'C' or better and were able to perform basic troubleshooting on basic motors base on performance checklist on VEE 266 (Rotating Machinery).
    • 9 out of 10 or 90% of the students got 'C' or better and were able to install and analyze basic motor control circuits on VEM 240 (Industrial Wiring).

    What we are planning to work on:

    Modify Building Technology program to the current and most needed competencies that demand by the local industry including renewable energy course. Combine SLOs of discrete devices into one course and involve students in more hands-on activities to enhance their learned skills.

    Recommendations for students:

    Students must have a grade of "C" or better in Math and English courses to help students become proficient to meet the course work in Building technology technical courses. Likewise should also satisfactorily meet the prerequisite of each course in the program to assure program completion in two years.

    Program Data Sheet Spring 2014
    Program Data Sheet Spring 2013

    Program Review (Pohnpei Campus) 2012-2013

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