CA 100 Computer Literacy

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Midterm campus image
Midterm rendered in HTMLxlsdocodt
Babies can use a computer from the earliest years
Wave image for final
Image of powerpoint slide for final
Image from question seven on the final.
Final exam: documentspreadsheetpowerpoint

The following is a somewhat random set of links that were pertinent to the course at one point or another. The word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation sections were supported by the course textbook, hence the paucity of links. The cyberspace sections were not supported by the text and thus are more extensively supported on this course page.

Word processing tidBits and bytes

Getting the right tool for the right job: file size matters.

Dohng 1848 characters in 351 words (size in bytes):
text (1876)rtf (2082)html (2340)sxw (7061)doc (22,528)pdf (25,926)


Local style: The Walung children were amazed at just how very quickly the school bus proceeded down the excellent road from Tafunsak to Utwe.


Font types
Font descriptions
Font test bed

Spreadsheet sprockets

A spreadsheet to practice with: Data
List of names
XY scatter graph with plants
Entrance test data spreadsheet

Excel training from staff development day
Advanced Excel: Decision making functions
Vertical lookup spreadsheet

Presentation pramblings

Wired to Eat?
Body shapes presentation: An anedotal response to the above and sample image presentation.


Safe Cybersurfing


Communicating in cyberspace

Yahoo! mail screensYahoo! briefcase
Outlook Express


Chain letters
emoticons: smiley :-) • sadie :-( • just kidding ;-)

Email security

Attachment viruses
Spoofed return address
Fleet bank phisheBay phishCNN news feed phish
An example of a secure web siteAnother one
419 Fraud
More email hoaxes

Really brief history of cyberspace

History of hypertext and the world wide web:
Internet PioneersVannevar BushTed NelsonTim Berners-Lee EnquireMarc Andreesen

Network infrastructures

IP addresses and network topology
LAN: Windows XP: Use cmd.exe and run "ipconfig /all"
LAN WAN diagram

World wide web

Domain name system More • URLs:
top-level domains new top levels

Searching cyberspace

Introduction to searching:
Graphical interface (Flash required): Kartoo
Clustered results displayed schematically: • Mooter
Aids to refining and narrowing: • Teoma
Engine information • Searchenginewatch Search engine show down

Google advanced search More GoogleGoogle imagesGoogle printGoogle scholarGoogle mapsGoogle labs Google define: Google calculator Google site search Google filetype search

Blogs and Wikis: Newer developments

Blogs: Chuuk Micronesia
Substance abuse in Chuuk
Wikipedia: An example of a wiki

Safe cybersurfing

Anti-virus software
Anti-spywareMicrosoft XP Anti-spyware package
Updates: of operating system and all of the above packages.
Being an intelligent user. Just say no to pop-ups. If it must be too good to be true, it is. No one in cyberspace wants to make you rich or happy.

Web pages once over lightly

A quickie introduction to the language of Tim Berners-Lee.

<p>Normal paragraph</p>
<p><a href="">UN</a></p>


Access demonstration: Tables, queries, forms, reports. [coffee may be required...]

Although not covered summer 2005, now has database module.

Odd Ends

Image to tweak
Images including a retinex filtered image
GIMP: Auto-balance, white balance, and retinex


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