Week One
WednesdayNotepad, Wordpad, and Word. File sizes.
1848 characters • 351 words • (size in bytes):
text (1876)rtf (2082)html (2340)sxw (7061)doc (22,528)pdf (25,926)
ThursdayWord continued.
FridayUsing paint to create images for insertion into Word. Inserting web images. FreeFoto
Week Two
Monday Calculator.
Modes, operators, functions, calculations.
Tuesday Intro to Excel Layout
Columns • Rows • Cells • Address system • Data entry • Arithmetic formulas • Operators including & concatenation • Conditionals • Searching for data E12
Wednesday Adjusting column width E21 • Text align E23 • LCR. Wrapping E24 • Rotating E25 • Indenting E26 • Cell format E30 • Modifying the normal style E32 • Painting formats E32 • Undo Cut Copy Paste E41 • Filling • Inserting and deleting • Spell check • Relative, absolute, and mixed addrs E67
ThursdayExcel: Function formulas
FridayQuiz. Excel: Sorting, inserting images, hyperlinks, file formats
Week Three
MondayWorking with multiple worksheets
WednesdayMail merge
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4 Powerpoint Powerpoint Powerpoint Preparations Powerpoint Presentations Publisher
5 Online emails Local client email Email security + Internet pioneers IP to search engines Google specialties + Quiz
6 Security: Antivirus, anti-spyware, firewalls, updates. Quickie web page Access Access Quiz
7 Review Finals Finals    

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