Babies can functionally use a computer

Shanalin is one year and four months in these shots. She had just learned to walked in January.
Babies can use computers from the age at which they first learn to walk, if not earlier! Sixteen month old baby using a computer. 030225shanacomputes02 (26K)

Marlin, just shy of three years old, plays with the paint program in the first image. In the second, Marlin is explaining to Shanalin how to operate the Windows XP picture and fax viewer. A two year-old is teaching one-year old to operate a computer.
030225marlincomputes (26K) 030225teamcomputing (30K)

By the following December, at two years and a month, Shanalin could play a matching tile game called Taipei (a variant of Mah Johng) on the computer.

Shanalin masters Taipei with the help of Hannah. 031205shanacomputes300b (51K)