Workshop 1-Agenda
Workshop #2
Workshop #3
Workshop #4


Day 1 (3:00-7:00)

  1. Introductions
  2. Ice Breaker-Information Gap Activity on the Internet Jeopardy
  3. Tour of PT3 website
  4. Survey of technology skills
  5. Scavenger Hunts- Example of Lesson Plan for developing students' Language Arts and Internet Skills (Animals-Handout A and B)
  6. Tour of the Internet and Search Engines
  7. Hands on surfing
  8. Tour of  Webmail
  9. Sign all participants up for webmail
  10. E-Mail -Directions on how to sign up for COM-FSM's Webmail
  11. Hands on practice using email
  12. Sending attachments
  13. Netiquette- politeness rules for the Internet
  14. Net Nanny-Filtering Software
  15. All about Filtering Software-Texas Internet Service Providers
  16. Using Outlook Express -adding a profile
  17. Microsoft's Website for using Outlook Express


Other websites:

Internet-the basics
5 minute guide to using the Internet-Good place for beginners
The Virtual Teacher- How to use the Internet for more Intermediate level students.
Using the Favorites Folder
Links to  free software on the web
Internet Projects for Students
Web Resources, Projects, and Lesson Plans
Technology Tips from Oregon State University
Free Web Tools From the Internet -good explanation of anti-virus programs, graphics, and compressing files


Day 2 (3:00-5:00)

  1. Review Postings
  2. Review Webmail-hands on practice
  3. Safely surfing on the Internet-Lesson Plan to teach your students good surfing habits by Tammy Payton.
  4. Why use Technology? From Texas Region 20
  5. TourICQ- Chat -Very nice handout from  Kenneth Crawford & Andrew Cheyne
  6. Hands on with ICQ
  7. Why would we use E-Mail and Chat with our students?  (Information Gap Activity)


Day 2 (5:15-7:00)

  1. Review Websites from Day 1
  2. A close look at great lesson plans-Nepal Website by Shaun Creighton
  3. Nepal PowerPoint Presentation on the Web
  4. Evaluating the lesson-brainstorm in group
  5. Where Do You Want T o Go This Year? -Example of  integrating e-mail and Language Arts.

Day 3 (3:00-7:00)

  1. Why Use Technology? From Texas Region 20
  2. Finish Touring Great Lesson Plans -student work on Nepal
  3. Review ICQ Chatting
  4. Post Message to Discussion Board
  5. Practice Email-Outlook Express
  6. Tour other chatting sites
  7. Examples of List-Serve email
  8. Help using a List-Serve by the people at Linguistic Funland
  9. List-Serves- http://www.liszt.com -Enter a phrase to search the world's largest director of mailing lists. Lots in Education. What is a List-Serve?
  10. Subscribing to a list-serve
  11. Using Templates
  12. Desktop Publishing Demonstration (with Microsoft)
  13. Hands on practice
  14. 10 minute guide to Microsoft Word

Other websites to check out

use Publisher to make a flyer
Tips for Desktop Publishing
Titanic- Example of Integrating content areas and the use of Publisher/PowerPoint/Webpage making.
KidCom-Chatting for kids
Kid City-Live Chat


Day 4 (3:00-7:00)

Evaluating Software

  1. Where Have We Come From? What Has CALL Really Achieved? by Claire Bradin Siskin
Methodology for using Tutorial Software in Language Arts
Using Simulation Software
  1. Tour of Simulation Websites
  2. Hands on practice with Tom Snyder Activities
  3. Websites for Language Arts-
  4. Tour of Software in COM-FSM Lab
  5. Evaluating Software Criteria
  6. A great place to start when evaluating software- by Deborah Healey, Oregon State University and Norman Johnson, Lane Community College
  7. Hands on practice with software
  8. Evaluation of software in pairs

Day 5 (3:00-7:00)

Using PowerPoint for Presentations

  1. Tour of PowerPoint
  2. PowerPoint - make a 12 slide presentation on Pohnpei
  3. 10 minute guide to PowerPoint
  4. Tips for creating better PowerPoint Presentations by the Bit Better Corporation
  5. Another great resource for PowerPoint Tips
    Created by Eugene Hiew  Centre for Instructional Technology
    and Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning
  6. What Causes Weather to Change? Example of Integrated Lesson Plan using Technology (PowerPoint)

Day 6 (3:00-7:00)

1. Tour of Frontpage
2. Using a digital camera
3. Scanning
4. Webpage Creation

Day 7 (3:00-7:00)

Integrating Technology into the Social Studies classroom

  1. Using Grolliers and Encarta
  2. More with Tom Snyder Activities and Simulations
  3. Making technology projects using Internet and Grolliers/Encarta (Write lesson plan for   your project- pairs or groups)

More resources

Discovering Africa and Its Culture-Example of Social Studies/Language Arts Lesson Plan using Technology
Adventure Online
Electronic Fieldtrips
Passport to Knowledge

Day 8 (3:00-7:00)

  1. Hands on technology project development
  2. Lab maintenance
  3. Scanning
  4. Digital Camera

Day 9 (3:00-7:00)

  1. short quiz on lab maintenance
  2. Finish and present projects



Lab Maintenance Requirement -Computer Maintenance
Take the lab maintenance quiz.







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