Scanning Directions


Scanning Directions
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Directions for scanning and Editing an Image from the Adobe Photoshop Program.

We are going to use the .jpg format when saving our scanned images and digital camera images. The .jpg will allow the file to be compressed enough to fit on a single 3 high-density floppy disk. (If your scanner is connected to the computer that you are working on, then you can save in the TIF format. This format can be used in printing programs on any platform, and saves the information exactly as it is scanned. The drawback is it creates a very large file, but you can save it into your My Documents and keep it there instead of on a disk.)

If you would like to use Adobe PhotoDeluxe to scan your image and then edit it follow these directions.

  1. Open  up Adobe PhotoDeluxe

adobe1.jpg (29290 bytes)

  1. Click on Get Photo
  2. Then click on the Tab Get Photo
  3. Then click on the pull down menu under scanner
  4. Choose your scanner software type
  5. Click on OK

adobe2.jpg (56317 bytes)

  1. Select Preview from the Scan menu.
  2. The picture should appear in the viewing area.
  3. Click on the viewing area and crosshairs will appear.
  4. Holding the right mouse button down drag a box around the image. If you want to adjust the box, there are handles located on the upper left and right hand corner, and also at the lower right and upper left hand corner. Once you have selected the area you wish to scan, then proceed.
  5. Click on Zoom from the File menu.(You have to click on Zoom everytime you make a change to your previewed image.)
  6. Then click on Final.
  7. To adjust your image click on the Touch Up tab

adobe3.jpg (41741 bytes)

  1. To do an instant fix click on the Instant Fix icon
  2. Change the size by clicking on size orientation. You should see the following screen:

adobe4.jpg (22075 bytes)

You have to click on the tabs in order. So click on the Adjust, and Trim Tab, then click on the Size Tab.

adobe 5.jpg (25988 bytes)

  1. Then type in the size of the picture that you want.
  2. Click on the Done tab
  3. Then select Save As…from the Scan menu. A Save will appear. In the "Save in" the down arrow to locate the (3 Floppy A:) drive.
  4. In the file name box give the file a name, make it eight characters or less,small letters, no spaces.
  5. Locate the drop down arrow located to the right of the box below the file name box. Click on the arrow and make sure that the file name .jpg or jpeg is selected. You will be saving your file to the a:/ floppy drive in a .jpg format.
  6. Left click on the SAVE button.
  7. Remove your disk from the Floppy A Drive.
  8. And click on File and then Exit.




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