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Directions for using FrontPage Express

This is a  Microsoft Program that assists you in making a basic webpage without using html. These directions will help you make your own personal homepage with a background color, images, and hyperlinks to other websites. You can print these directions out if you like. Today's homepage is going to be about Pohnpei.

Step 1 On your computer locate the Frontpage Express Program.
Go to Start, Programs, Internet Explorer and then find FrontPage Express.

frontpagecrop1.jpg (26948 bytes)

Step 2 Now you should see a screen that is blank just like this:
frontpage2.jpg (9685 bytes)

Step 3 Save your new document onto your Floppy disk. Go to File, Save As, and then give your document a title.
frontpage3.jpg (21473 bytes)
I typed in my name for the title: Carol Wilson-Duffy Homepage. Type in your name. Don't worry about the part about the page location right now. Click on the button that says "As File" then locate the Floppy A Drive. (Click on Floppy A) Then give your file a name. Use your first initial and last name. Example: Joe Shmoe = jshmoe.htm 
Then click on Save.
frontpage4.jpg (33836 bytes)
Step 4 Before we begin with all the fun stuff, we have to set up our page so that when people look for our page on the Internet, they can find it easily. To do this we must use the "Page Properties." So...go to File and then Page Properties. You will see a screen like the one below.
frontpage5.jpg (14290 bytes)
Step 5 Click on the tab that says "Custom".
frontpage6.jpg (23273 bytes)

Step 6-Click on the button that says "Add" on the bottom half of the screen under User Variables.
You should see this screen:
frontpage7.jpg (27161 bytes)
Step 7 In the box for Name type in: KEYWORDS (all caps). In the box for Value type in keywords that describe your page. Remember to use commas between each keywords and also remember to type the words in carefully and use caps and small case letters correctly.
Type in: your name,COM-FSM,College of Micronesia-FSM,Pohnpei,FSM

Step 8 Click on OK. Then on the same page, click on the button that says "ADD" again. You are going to add a description of your page.
frontpage8.jpg (28333 bytes)
Step 9 In the Name box type in the word DESCRIPTION. In the Value box type in a complete and grammatically correct sentence that describes the page.
Type in: Pohnpei, the Island of Paradise!
Then click on OK
. Click OK one more time and you should be back to this page:
frontpage2.jpg (9685 bytes)
Step 10- Now it's time for the fun stuff:
Take a minute and look at the tool bars. They are very similar to those in the Microsoft Word Program. The most different buttons are these ones:
frontpage9.jpg (2232 bytes)
The first one is for adding advanced tools like "search"and Timestamp. The second one is for inserting a table, the yellow one is for inserting a picture and the last one that looks the Earth with a  "link" is for making a hyperlink that will connect your page to another person's page.

Step 11 Background: Go up to the Format menu and click on Background.
frontpage10.jpg (22424 bytes)
Step 12 Choose the color you want. Remember you should try to use a light background and dark text or a dark background and light text. Also be careful because you don't want your page so "busy" that people have a hard time reading it.  One last tip...try to keep the text one color and the links another color. Generally if the text is a different color than black, people think it's a hyperlink and try to click on it.  I chose light blue for my background and my text will be black. Links to other pages will be blue. 

Step 13 Make a Title
Type in: Pohnpei, the Island of Paradise!
Center it.
Make it Bold
Click on Heading 1

(Hint about single spacing: click on the Shift and Enter button at the same time to have single spacing.)

Step 14 Insert a Horizontal Line

Go to Insert. Choose Horizontal Line.
Now, right click on that Horizontal Line that you have just created. Choose Horizontal Line Properties.
Now you are going to change the color and thickness of your line.
Choose 100 percent of the window.
Four pixels thick.
and then Click OK>

Step 15  Time to put in a picture. (This program is a little limited as to where you can put in an image. Let's do it the easiest way since it's your first time.Let's put it under your title. So put your mouse underneath the title of your page)Click on the yellow icon that I mentioned earlier. (Or you can go to the Insert Menu and choose Image.) You should see a screen like this:

frontpage11.jpg (7012 bytes)
Step 16 Click on the button that says "Browse". The only pictures or images that you can use on a webpage must be in the ".jpg" or ".gif" format. You need to locate those pictures on the computer. Locate the Network Neighborhood, Entire Network, Palikir, Cwduffy, Public, Webpage Pics, Pohnpei Webpage and then map.jpg Click on the file and then click on the "Open" button.

So, you have added a background color, typed in your page title, formatted it as you desired, and finally you added a picture.

Step 17 Marque Title

Highlight the  title that you just created, then go to Insert and choose Marquee. Select the style of the marquee and color that you want.

Step 18 Make a table of contents

When you view a web site all the information from the web site should be on the first page. So under the map picture, type in: Geography | Culture| People | Sightseeing

Step 19 Make Bookmarks

If  you have all your information on one page (like we do) you should create "bookmarks" which other hyperlinks link to.
1. Look at the picture below and type in the following:


2. Highlight the word Geography that you just typed in (not the one at the top) then go to Edit and choose Bookmark, and OK.
3. Do the same for the other : Culture, People, Sightseeing

Step 20 Make a Hyperlink to a Bookmark

Now go back up to the top and find the word Geography in the table of contents. Now highlight it and then click on the Hyperlink button (Globe/link). Choose the Open Pages tab and then pull down on the Bookmark menu and locate the one that says Geography. Click OK. Repeat this for the other three words in the table of contents.

Step 21 Insert more pictures

Now you are going to add pictures for the Bookmarked information:
pohmapcut.jpg should be inserted under the Bookmarked word Geography.
cwmusic.jpg under the word People.
woodcarving.jpg under the word Culture
sokehs.jpg under the word Sightseeing.

Step 22 Add information to the Bookmarked area.

In order to save time. I have information listed here that can be "plugged"into your webpage. I am not sure if the information is exactly correct, as I am not an expert on Pohnpei, so feel free to add/subtract/correct any of the information I have here.

Under Geography:
Type in: Pohnpei State incorporates Pohnpei Island, a large volcanic island with eight atolls totaling 127 square miles, 25 smaller islands within a barrier reef, and 137 widely-scattered coral atolls. Pohnpei island is the largest in the FSM, and has a road around the island extending 49 miles. Pohnpei lies 7 north of the equator, 1,050 miles southeast of Guam and 3,240 miles southwest of Honolulu. Its population is estimated at 35,000. Normal daytime temperature is 80 F.

Under People:
More than40,000 people live on Pohnpei, although nearly a fourth of these are immigrants from other nearby islands or foreigners (mostly U.S.) working on the island. English is almost universally understood, although Pohnpeian is more commonly used between locals.

Under Culture:
Pohnpei is famous for its energetic dances and also for the relaxing drink sakau, a kava-like brew. Watching sakau being prepared is an experience unique to Pohnpei. The pepper plant is taken from the wild and presented at a special ceremony. The root is then pounded and mixed with water to form an earthy tasting drink that inspires both myth and magic. You can also find many small carving spots around the island where you can purchase beautiful mangrove carvings of sharks and other marine life.

Under Sightseeing:
Micronesia's best known archaeological site, Nan Madol-ancient city, the "Venice of the Pacific" - is one of more than 100 sites of historical significance from the precontact period till Trust Territory. Other sites include Spanish Wall, Sokehs Mass Grave, German Bell Tower, Botanical Garden, and Japanese tanks and shrines.

Step 22 Hyperlinks: We are going to make two hyperlinks on our page. One to a website about Sakau and another to a website about Nanmadol.

1. Highlight the word Sakau
2. Click on that symbol at the top of the tool bar that looks like the Earth and the"link".
3. Now in the box that says "URL" type in the web address for the Sakau website. I already located a website for you about Sakau. You can use this one or another if you like. I chose Dana Lee Ling's Website: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/danaleeling/sakau.htm
4. Then click OK. Now the word Sakau is a hyperlink. Once you open your page in Internet Explorer and you click on the word Sakau, you will go to Dana's website.

5. Repeat steps 1-4, but use the word Nanmadol under Sightseeing and use the URL: http://www.pats.edu/nanmadol.htm
  (What most people do before they begin creating their website is they surf the web and try to locate sites that they want to link to. They write those down and then they have them handy when they are ready to make their links.)

Step 23 Timestamp

Type in the words: This page was last updated
Go to Insert, Webbot Component and choose Timestamp. Click OK. Center it as you like.

Step 24 Add a mail to link, so people can email you with questions.

1. Type in: Please send comments to:
2. Click on the Hyperlink icon
3. Click on the World Wide Web tab
4. Under Hyperlink type: choose mailto:
5. In the URL box it should say: mailto:(youraddress)

6. Now your webpage should say something like this: Please send comments to: mailto:cwduffy@comfsm.fm (with your email address)
7. Let's change the wording so that it reads: Please send comments to cwduffy@comfsm.fm (or your email address)
8. This might seem confusing, but we need to go and look at the HTML Source Code and we are going to get rid of the words "mailto:"
9. Go up to View and select HTML
10. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the words Mailto:youraddress. (Be careful there are two Mailto: youraddress) Choose the second one. The first one is for the html formula. The second one is for the text that the appears on the screen.

frontpage20.jpg (56211 bytes)

11. Delete the word "mailto:" and leave your address there.
12. Click OK.
13. Now you page should look like this





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