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1. Go to Start, Programs, Publisher

2.  After you open up Publisher choose Blank Page for your format.

3.  Go to File and Save As-Save your document on to your floppy now. (Name it whatever you want.)
    For this project you will only need to do a few things:

put text into a text box
insert a picture file into an object box
put a boarder art around the whole page or add border art to a text box or an object box.

4.  Now let's begin: Add a text box. Click on the letter A on the left.

5.  Next you will see a cross sign .

6.  Place the cross sign on your paper and drag the cross until you have the box the size that you want it. If you decide later that your box isn't big enough. You can drag the box and make it larger or even smaller.

7.  After you get your text box made, type in "Endowment Fund Raffle" (Or anything you want.) Make the letters big and bold and use different styles texts. It’s just like Microsoft Word in that manner. Make sure the texts are legible and large, so that people can see it. (Print is usually better than Cursive.)

8.  Now it's time to put in an object. Click on the Desert picture with the cactus. And then you will see a cross again. Bring the cross sign over to your paper and drag the cross over your paper. Put the box where you want the picture. Make the box the size that you want. If you haven't put it in the correct place, click on the object and the words Move will come up. Drag the box to the location you want it in.


9.  Click on your object box then go to Insert, Picture File and then either choose from the clipart they automatically give you.  If clipart doesn't come up...browse to Programs, Microsoft Office, Clipart. Choose the picture or object you want.

10.  Next you will see a screen like the one below.. If you want a picture that will fit in your frame choose Change the Picture. But if you want the picture to be its original size then choose Change the Frame to fit the Picture.


11. Next you are going to put a border around your picture and your text. Click on the text or the object that you want to put a border around. Put plain borders around the objects and fancy borders around the text or the whole page.

12.  Go to Format, Border Art and then choose the border art you want:

the size you want
click on Apply and then OK
go to Arrange and click on Send to Back. That makes the background stay in the back and the text falls to the front.


13.  After you have done that you should save your document. You have completed your first assignment!



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