Yap Campus
Photo courtesy of Yap Visitors Bureau [www.visityap.com]
Lourdes Roboman
Director, Yap Campus

Mogethin and Welcome!

The primary goal of Yap State Campus is to provide improved and quality programs and services to our student population as well as to assist with our State's needs for manpower development and building local capacity. We are continuously working hard and are committed to providing learning centered programs and services to our students and clients. Programs offered include a degree in Teacher Preparation as well as numerous Certificates of Achievement. Yap State Campus is located on the island of Yap, the western most State of the Federated States of Micronesia, commonly known as the Island of Stone Money. Yap is one of the most fascinating islands in Micronesia and is well known for its rich indigenous traditional cultures and traditions.

Yap State Campus serves about 200 students each semester with more than 50% of the student population coming from the neighboring islands of the State. The campus is situated on a 2 acre site adjacent to Yap High School. It is also the site of the German Towers or Communication Station ruins that linked Yap to Guam and Shanghai during the early 1900's. The campus has 5 buildings consisting of classrooms, computer labs, science lab, vocational education shops, LRC, offices, and a research lab. Two (2) additional buildings (Student Center & Classroom Bldg.) are under construction and are expected to be completed in August this year.

Kindly browse our website to see the specific programs and services we offer. If you need more information and/or have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Yap State Campus
P. O. Box 286 Yap, FM 96943
Tel. 691-350-2296 / 5149
Fax: 691-350-5150
E-mail: yap@comfsm.fm



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