Kosrae Campus

Kosrae Campus is physically located adjacent to Kosrae High School and State Department of Education complex. It serves about 250 students a semester. It offers an associate degree program in teacher education –elementary, an associate of applied science in electronics technology, an associate of applied science in telecommunication technology, and 6 certificates of achievement programs:

1) agriculture and food technology,
2) carpentry,
3) electronic engineering technology,
4) trial counseling,
5) bookkeeping, and
6) general studies.

It runs a development education program in mathematics and English to strengthen to basic skills and help students to gain admissions into degree programs.

Kosrae campus sponsors the Upward Bound Program that serves Kosrae High School students in preparation for secondary education and Peer Counseling Center that provides counseling services for both high school and college students. Like other state campuses, the Cooperative Research and Extension is actively involved in educating the community on grassroots economics and social development.

Message from the Kosrae Campus Director

"Learning is lifelong when we are studying at an institute of higher education or doing workforce development. Welcome to Kosrae Campus and learn about your world."

Kalwin Kephas Director COM-FSM, Kosrae Campus

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