Upward Bound COM-FSM Kosrae Campus

Upward Bound is a pre-college program designed to provide educational opportunity outreach program to motivate and to support student from disadvantaged background. The program aims to increase college enrollment and high school graduates and academic skill in its participants.  COM-FSM Upward Bound Kosrae Campus is committed to enhancing college preparedness and awareness by:

  • Providing services to eligible students to pursue a college education
  • Enhancing all areas of current high school study by providing study skills, workshops, career plans and summer classes.
  • Giving participants personalized college preparation through personal counseling, academic advising, tutorial assistance, summer exchange, and college orientation visits.

Philosophy of Services

  1. We believe in creating a comprehensive, rigorous, pre-college programs which are constantly challenged to do.

  2. We believe students cal arrive on time and meet all deadlines in a timely manner.

  3. We believe students can set goals and attain them.

  4. We believe students will face obstacles, learn from their challenges.

  5. We believe in each student’s ability to make positive choices.

  6. We believe in proactive self-empowerment.

  7. We believe in the importance of resolving conflicts peacefully.

  8. We believe in the importance of diversity and that each student should respect other people from diverse ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds.

  9. We believe students can attend, excel in and graduate from college.

  10. We believe students can annually raise their cumulative GPA by .1 and can improve score by 5%.

UB Kosrae Campus is Member of:

  • Council for Opportunity in Education (COE)

  • Western Association of Education Opportunity Personnel (WESTOP)

  • Pacific Island Chapter (PIC)