Pohnpei Campus

Welcome to the COM-FSM Pohnpei Campus!

COM-FSM/Pohnpei is located in downtown Kolonia, enrolls over 550 students each semester in various degree and certificate programs. The Division of Hospitality and Tourism offers an associate degree in hospitality and tourism management and conducts short-term hospitality training for area businesses. The Division of Technology and Trade offers applied associate of science degree programs in Electronics Technology, Building Technology, Telecommunications, as well as certificates in Building Maintenance and Repair, Carpentry, Cabinet making/Furniture-making, Construction Electricity, Electronic Engineering Technology, and an Apprenticeship program in Building maintenance and various other trades.

The Division of Technology and Trade also serves as the center for a Computerized Distance Education system for Electronics (NIDA) throughout the FSM. Other certificates offered at Pohnpei Campus include general studies, bookkeeping, secretarial science, trial counselors, community health sciences—health assistant training program, and agriculture and food technology. Developmental English and math classes continue to be a key component of many of the programs at Pohnpei Campus. To help students in the community to succeed in school, Pohnpei Campus hosts two TRIO programs-Educational Talent Search Program and Upward Bound-that serve elementary and secondary school students in cooperation with Pohnpei State Department of Education.

Pohnpei Campus is also home to Pohnpei Business Development Center (PBDC). By recruiting experts from within the college system and community, Pohnpei Campus is able to offer customized training programs and continuing education classes, including computer skills, English, business management, building technology, customer service, and leisure classes such as cultural dance and local language classes.

The Cooperative Extension Services (CES) component of the Land Grant Program is integrated into the operations of the Pohnpei Campus to better serve the local communities and people in Pohnpei.

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