Student Services

The function of Student Services at the Yap Campus is to foster student success and satisfaction by providing learning centered student services. The Student Services Unit oversees Admission & Records, Financial Aid Office, Nurse/Infirmary, Peer Counseling Center, Counseling Programs, Student Life, and the Tutoring program.

Admission and Records

Admission Requirements:
  • Must be a high school graduate or GED certificate holder

  • Must take the College of Micronesia-FSM Entrance Test (COMET)

  • Admission depends on the COMET score

  • Must fill out a admission application and pay the admission fee of $10

Financial Aid Information:

The College of Micronesia-FSM is approved by U.S. Department of Education to participate in the following Title IV Programs:

  • Federal Pell Grant maximum award for school year 2010-2011 is $5,550.  The amount awarded to a student depends on student cost of attendance and enrollment status.

  • Federal Pell Grant General Eligibility:

To be considered for and receive Federal financial aid, an applicant must:

    1. Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen

    2. Be accepted and enrolled as a regular student working toward a degree or certificate in an eligible program

    3. Have a high school diploma or GED certificate

    4. Have a “demonstrated” financial need.  Yearly educational expenses must be greater than the family contribution

    5. Sign a statement of educational purpose and a certification statement on overpayment and default

    6. Maintain satisfactory progress once in school.
  • Supplemental Education Grant Work-Study Program (SEGWSP): A work-study student, full time status, can earn a maximum of $250 each semester.

  • Supplement Education Grant (SEG): Under the Compact Amendment Act of 2003, students who began their enrollment after June 25, 2004 are eligible for assistance under the SEG.

  • SEG can help eligible BUT conditional students during summer sessions and pay 80% of their tuition.

Counseling/Student Advisement

Professional counseling is available to assist students in establishing or clarifying appropriate educational and vocational goals, and to assist students with problems of social or personal nature.  The counselors also offer assistance in career decisions.

Tutorial Services & Rising Stars Club

  • Tutorial services are freely provided to all students at the campus to assist them to successfully complete all their courses each semester and to complete their desired programs.  Tutorial services are geared to enhance student success.  The tutorial program is a coordinated effort between the instructional unit and student services.

  • The Rising Stars Club (RSC) is a newly formed club with the primary purpose of supporting and promoting students’ success in college. RSC serves as a vehicle through which Tutoring, Peer Counseling Center, and the Student Life programs can reach and assist students through a unified and single unit.  The club is open to all enrolled student at Yap Campus.  In addition to promoting student success through academic activities, the club also supports fun events for actively participating club members.


The infirmary has a semi-pharmacy that dispenses over the counter medication.  It provides basic services in acute, chronic and preventive health care. The infirmary also does hospital referral services, personal health counseling, and educational/reference materials in illness and health issues.

Peer Counseling Center

The Peer Counseling Center is a UNFPA Title X Family Planning Program which provides health education and preventive health information through trained peer educators.  The Center’s goal is to empower students to make informed decisions and healthy choices.

Campus Activities & Student Life

Student Body Association (SBA)

The SBA is the students’ voice to the college administration, representing their views, be involved in policy-making decisions, and recommending improvements in programs and services.

School Year 2010-2011 SBA Officers are:

1.       Sebastian Tairuwepiy, President

2.       Cyril Gorongayin, Vice President

3.       Michelle Kulbug, Secretary

4.       Jaylene Yilbuw, Treasurer

Student Clubs

  • Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society

  • Rising Star Club (RSC)

  • Philosophy Club