Instructional Service

The Instructional Unit is responsible of improving and providing quality instructional services to all students at Yap Campus.  The instructional programs provide learning centered services to support student learning outcomes.  Instructional programs at the campus assist Yap State in meeting its training and manpower needs.  Yap Campus has the flexibility and ability to design specific trainings / non-credit courses to address those needs.

Programs Offered

  •  Associate of Arts in Teacher Preparation

  • 3rd Year Certificate of Achievement in Teacher Preparation

Certificate of Achievements

  •  Agriculture & Food Technology

  •  Secretarial Science

  • Bookkeeping

  • Health Assistant/Community Health Services

  • Trial Counselor

Vocational Education

Associate of Applied Science in

  • Electronics Technology

  • Telecommunication Technology

  • Building Technology

Certificate of Achievement

  • Electronics Engineering

  • Construction Electricity

  • Carpentry

Any student who wants to pursue any of the other associate of science and arts degree offered at the College of Micronesia-FSM can fulfill their General Education core requirements at Yap Campus.