Public Health
Training Program

PHTP’s Vision and Mission:

 The Vision: To offer to Micronesians, and other Pacificans alike, opportunities for education and training in Public Health that are appropriate, desirable, dynamic, flexible and practice-oriented.
The Mission: To present PHTP’s quality education and practice-centred training at times, sites and modes most suitable to learning-determined students.

PHTP’s operative definition of Public Health: the science and art of preventing disease and injury, prolonging quality life and promoting the health of populations though the organized effort of societies.

PHTP is an academic response to the public health situation in Micronesia’s Freely Associated States (FAS), including the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).  There has been a demand for:

The PHTP academic program has taken into account the current academic and educational realities of the region and in addition, takes an approach incorporating the need to:

The PHTP academic program takes realistically into account that high school graduates would need significant induction into the Health domain, and, when referring to health workforce, it builds on a bridging approach, starting from practice and moving, with conceptual development, towards comprehensive competence in Micronesian Public Health.  This approach enables public health practitioners and students alike to develop intellectual agility to be innovative; and deal with the ever changing physical, social and political environments of public health practice.  Such adaptability is essential for Pacific public health workers who are expected to have multiple responsibilities at all levels of health practice and in diverse locations, ethnic and sociopolitical environments within all the Micronesian jurisdictions.