Public Health
Training Program


The Public Health Training Program, hereinafter PHTP, is a multi-entry, multi-exit educational opportunity for high school graduates who wish to enter studies in the health domain, as well as for Health Workers who wish to enhance the effectiveness of their work and improve their working conditions.

PHTP offers 2 Certificate qualifications:

  1. Certificate of Achievement in Basic Public Health (CABPH)
  2. Advanced Certificate of Achievement in Public Health (ACAPH)
  3. And 1 Associate of Science Degree qualification:

  4. Associate of Science Degree in Public Health (asdph)
  5. And 1 Third-year Certificate of Achievement qualification, with 2 options:

  6. Third-year Certificate of Achievement as: SPECIALIST IN PUBLIC HEALTH [CASPH]
  7. Or:

  8. Third-year Certificate of Achievement as: PUBLIC HEALTH SPECIALIST IN .... (CAPHS - AE/HR; EH; FN; HP; HSM) one of the 5 Public Health Disciplines of: Applied Epidemiology and Health Research (AE/HR); Environmental Health (EH); Food and Nutrition (FN); Health Promotion (HP); and Health Services Management (HSM)

For further information contact:

Emily Pedneau, PHTP Coordinator at COM-FSM
National Campus, Palikir
P.O. Box 159 KOLONIA, Pohnpei, FM 96941
Tel.:     (691) 320 2480  ext. 130/131