Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergrauate Programs

GEAR UP is a 6-year US Department of Education funded program. The main goal of the GEAR UP is to assist 410 low-income students improve their academic skills and strengthen their motivation so that they complete elementary school, enroll in high school, and with much support and assistance, enter a  postsecondary education institution. The program  targets six elementary schools in Pohnpei, FSM: Awak, Saladak, Sekere, Kolonia, Nett and Ohmine. GEAR UP began February 2011 and enrolled 410 7th graders in all of the 6 target schools. The program will continue providing support services including but not limited to counseling, academic, recreation, and career awareness to the same students until they complete their senior year of school. 

GEAR UP is a common trio program that is implemented throughout urban and rural areas within the United States.  Therefore, GEAR UP Pohnpei is extremely unique in that the majority of students fall below the U.S. poverty  line, speak at least three languages including English, come from homes that do not have a college, or sometimes high school graduate parent, and attend school in classrooms that lack basic resources including:  pencils, books, electricity, and qualified teachers.  More importantly, these students have not had an opportunity to be recognized within and outside the classroom for their achievements and accomplishments.  GEAR UP Pohnpei plans to not only create a learning environment but also to make students aware of the difference that they can be for their island, family, and country. 

Services Provided:

The main project services include 2-hour after-school instruction and tutoring Monday through Friday during regular school year; student-centered summer camp sessions in June and July; and educational, motivational, and cultural events, workshops and field trips throughout the year. Due to the lack of qualified teachers, teacher training and educational workshops will be conducted throughout the year and during the summer camp months.  These trainings will allow teachers the opportunity to build relationships with other GEAR UP teachers and develop student-centered effective instructional techniques.  GEAR UP Pohnpei is committed to making this project a sustainable one that will help a variety of students through the effective teacher trainings and overall implementation that is standards-based.  GEAR UP teachers will not only be teaching GEAR UP students but also instructing other students in their daily classes.

Saturday activities such as computer lab and special reading programs.


GEAR UP is administered from Pohnpei Campus, COM-FSM. The GEAR UP Office is situated at the Lower Pohnpei Campus between the Business Computer lab and Classroom # 1.

Contact Information

Nora Kriauzaite,
GEAR UP Program Director


Amber Ham,
Education Specialist


Morehna Santos,
Student Services Specialist


Bollie  Ludwig Taulung,
Administrative Specialist


Phone Number (s): 320 – 3795/796/798
Fax: (691) 320-3799