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Student Services Organizational Chart

SS Officials
Duties and Responsibilities

-Vice President for Student Services
-Director of Admissions and Records
-Director of Financial Aid
-Director of Counseling
-Director of Student Life
-Director of Student Support & Services Program
-Work Study Coordinator
-Peer Counseling Coordinator
-Coordinator of Sports and Recreation
-Student Housing
Campus Naurse


Office of the Vice President for Student Services

The Vice President of Student Services (VPSS) is the chief student services officer of the College of Micronesia-FSM and reports directly to the President. The VPSS provides leadership for and oversight of the operations of the following offices and student services functions: Admissions and Records, Financial Aid, Counseling, Peer Counseling, Student Life (Health Services, Resident Hall, and Sports & Recreation), Student Support Services, and the student services functions of all campuses through the vice presidents, campus directors and student services coordinators. VPSS assists in coordinating marketing, recruitment, retention activities and working to respond to student needs and fostering student success.

The VPSS is a key contributor to policy development and implementation.  As member of the College of Micronesia - FSM cabinet and head of its student services team, the VPSS is responsible for ensuring that student services at the college support the achievement of its vision, mission, values and goals;[ more...]

Director of Admissions and Records

The Director of Admissions and Records serves as the division head for Admissions and Records. It is distinguished from other admissions and records staff by the high-level authority and decision-making responsibility assigned.

Duties and Responsibilities:

.    Plan, direct and oversee the Office of Admissions and Records (OAR) in servicing students, staff and faculty, and in maintaining the system-wide students official records for all campuses;

 .    Plan, develop, improve, implement and evaluate policies and procedures governing admissions and records namely: data system in order to achieve a more effective and efficient admissions process,  grade processing, credit evaluations, transcripts, OAR forms, international students, veteran certifications, outside billing, graduation and student information system data collections in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act as amended, and with the mission of the College.

.     Hire, train, supervise, evaluate and discipline all staffs of OAR, and provide guidance and training to student services staffs at State Campuses;

.     Participate and handle activities of various committees (Admission Board, Planning Council, Curriculum Committee, Fund Raising, Staff Development) and management meetings, and provide advice and recommendations to the Admissions Board regarding admissions applicants and other issues;

.    Develop and monitor the OAR budget, and ensures that OAR resources are efficiently handled in meeting the objectives of OAR, and other student activities.

.    Plan and direct the orientation, registration process including enrollment management, graduation activities for both National and Pohnpei campuses;

.    Collaborate and coordinate with the Director of Financial Aid, Counselors, and Business Office, and provide management, Research and Planning, other offices with student data and statistics, and perform analysis of data.

Write and update catalog and quarterly schedule information that pertains to admissions, records and registration, and prepare college academic calendar in consultation with VPSS and VPIA;

.     Visit high schools to meet with interested students and their counselors, participate in the recruitment process, and liaise with Student Services Coordinators at State Campuses;

.     Perform related duties as assigned.

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Director of Financial Aid

The Director of Financial Aid serves as the division head for Financial Aid. It is distinguished from other financial aid staff by the high-level authority and decision-making responsibility assigned.

Duties and Responsibilities:

.     Direct the overall operations of the student financial aid program which provides financial assistance to students;

.    Liaise with Student Services Coordinator at State Campuses;

.   Design, establish, and maintain an organizational structure and staffing to effectively accomplish the organization's goals and objectives;

.     Recruit, employ, train, supervise, and evaluate staff;

.     Develop and recommend policies for financial aid which support goals and policies of the institution and which ensure compliance with federal regulations;

.     Provide information and reports regarding financial aid to management, the community, and funding agencies;

.     Represent the College to various institutional divisions as well as externally to government agencies, funding agencies, students, and/or the general public/local community;

.     Develop and manage annual budgets for the financial aid division and perform periodic cost and productivity analyses;

.    Participate and represent the office on committees and at meetings;

.    Oversee monitoring of satisfactory process of all students;

.    Respond to audits and program reviews;

.  Perform financial aid presentations for prospective students;

.    Counsel and advise students and parents about financial aid opportunities;

.    Serve as a liaison person between the COM-FSM veteran students and the Veteran Administration;

.    Collaborate and coordinate with the Director of Admissions and Records, Counselors, and Business Office Student Account Desk Officer;

.    Provide direction in the purchase and development of the division's hardware and software;

.    And perform related duties as assigned.

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Director of Counseling

The Director of Counseling serves as the division head for Counseling system-wide. It is distinguished from other counseling staff by high-level authority and decision-making responsibility assigned.

Duties and Responsibilities:

.     Plan, direct and oversee the office of Counseling in servicing students, staff, and faculty;

.     Plan, develop, improve, implement and evaluate policies and procedures governing counseling;

.    Keep complete up to date record of all student transfers into and out of COM-FSM;

.     Help identify colleges/universities and assist students in completing applications for admission, scholarship or grant when students are ready to transfer;

.     Write and update calendar of activities in consultation with student services staff;

.     Visit high schools to meet with interested students and their counselors, participate in the recruiting and testing processes, and liaise with Counselors at State Campuses;

.    Perform related duties as assigned.

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Director of Student Life

Direct, coordinate, oversee and manage all the student activities in the areas of resident life (including dormitory residents) sports and recreation, college dispensary, and other activity programs.

Duties and Responsibilities:

.     Supervise the resident hall staff, including the Resident Hall Manager and exercise full supervisory authority over sport/recreation, part time staff, college nurse, contract employees and volunteers involved with resident life activities and residence hall tenants.

.     Confer regularly with staff to plan, coordinate and evaluate activities, assign and review work, assist with difficult or unusual tasks, resolve problems and plan work schedules

.    Oversee and coordinate the planning, development, and performance of residence halls, gymnasium, and the dispensary and liaise with maintenance division about sports/recreation/resident life facilities, equipments, and grounds.

.     Oversee the development of request and administer the activity operating budget, as well as capital project budgets. Supervise the proper processing of receipts from sports and recreation/resident life programs.

.     Play a leading role in the development of external support to enhance sports/recreation/resident life programs and infrastructure

.     Oversee participation of volunteers for various programs and events. Monitor and assist as necessary with all daily office operations, including programs and facilities.

.     Deal with a variety of problems that arise on a daily basis.

.     Carry out a variety of key office planning functions, related to programming, promotional efforts, operating policies and procedures, facilities improvements.

.    Work closely with and carry out the policies of the Student Services Committee.

.     Serve as a liaison between Student Life office and Student Services Committee.

.     Confer regularly with College officials and personnel to plan, coordinate and evaluate programs/facilities, exchange information, investigate and resolve problems.

.     Deal regularly with and represent the College with a variety of individuals and groups in the community, in carrying out various public relations and promotional activities, coordinating and scheduling programs, providing program information.

.     Supervise the administration of appropriate office record keeping systems. Prepare various administrative/operations reports

.     Keep abreast of current trends and developments in the field.

.     Assure that maintenance of facilities is addressed.

.     Handle other duties as assigned.

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Coordinator of Sports and Recreation

Coordinate, supervise, and implement all recreational and sports program at the National Campus

Duties and Responsibilities:

.     Plan, implement, administer, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate College of Micronesia-FSM sponsored sports and recreation programs, including Founding Day Games, Peer Guide Program, day/night activities, Student Body Association (SBA), community based programs, and other College sponsored programs.

.     Assist in designing, planning, implementing, and supervising, reporting all recreational and sports program at the college.

.     Coordinate college sponsored recreational field trips, excursions and community wide sports and recreational events.

.     Supervise all personnel within the Sports Center which includes salaried Student Support Aides, and contract cleaners.

.     Work closely with all college groups, student, faculty and staff, to maximize the use and enjoyment of the Sports Center's facilities with other support department on campus such as maintenance, Information Technology and Personnel.

.     Play a key leadership role in the planning and organizing of the Founding Day Activities and other community events.

.     Assist in developing and coordinating the budget and financial activities directly related to the sports center including the use, on a fee basis, of the Sports Center for community groups and events.

.     Coordinate the activities of volunteers.

.     Advertise all Sports Center events to the appropriate target markets on and off campus.

.     Charge with coordinating events with the Pohnpei Campus and develop cross utilization of events between the two campuses.

.     Conduct sports/recreation clinics on a quarterly basis.

.     Perform other duties as assigned.

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Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary is responsible for providing secretarial, clerical and administrative support in order to ensure that services are provided in an effective and efficient manner.

Duties and Responsibilities:

.     Ensures that the standard office practice and routines of the Vice President's Office are functioning efficiently on an on going basis

.     Ensures that all critical information on admissions and records that may affect upon some College decision-making process is reported to the department management in a timely manner

.     Monitors and coordinates oral and written communication between the VPSS's Office and other office/activity heads of the department and answers routine and often complex inquiries for the department

.     Ensures proper filing and record keeping by accurately entering information in a timely manner consistent with office guidelines

.     Coordinates the Vice President's Monthly Report

.     Maintains minutes of meetings for Admissions Board, Student Services Committee, and department management meetings

.     Maintains calendars, schedules appointments, receives visitors, and receives and screens telephone calls providing routine information relative to the department's activities or referring calls to appropriate staff

.     Supervises the distribution of mail for all faculty, staff and students

.     Corrects admissions tests for incoming freshmen from all high schools and four (4) state campuses, disseminates tests results to state campuses, and maintains an updated test statistics

.     Arranges travel for staff, incoming freshmen, graduating students, and students placed on academic or disciplinary suspension

.     Organizes and prepare student orientation schedule and packages for incoming freshmen

.     Updates the Student Handbook semi-annually

.    Organizes and updates the Student Services Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures (MAPP)

.     Assists in the preparation and program for graduation ceremonies

.     Assists the Registrar in receiving incoming freshmen admission documents

.     Prepares routine correspondence on own initiative and assembles data for complex reports prepared by Office of Admissions, and other Offices within the department.

.     Makes minor administrative decisions requiring a wide knowledge of organization, policies, and practices, often functioning as a liaison for the department, resolving some items on a non-technical nature while reporting questionable areas to Vice President

.     Assists the VPIA and Academic Program Director in the absence of their secretary

.     Does other duties as assigned

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