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Student Services Organizational Chart

SS Officials
Duties and Responsibilities

-Vice President for Student Services
-Director of Admissions and Records
-Director of Financial Aid
-Director of Counseling
-Director of Student Life
-Director of Student Support & Services Program
-Work Study Coordinator
-Peer Counseling Coordinator
-Coordinator of Sports and Recreation
-Student Housing Manager
-Campus Nurse


The College of Micronesia-FSM's administrators are individuals of impressive qualifications and expertise gained through years of hands-on professional experience, continuing education and outstanding track records in the academe. These professionals manage departments and offices that handle specific needs and concerns of the academic community.

List of Administrators for SY 2008-2009
Office of the President  
President Spensin James
Office of the Vice President for Student Services  
VP for Student Services Ringlen Ringlen
Director, Admissions and Records Joey Oducado
Director, Financial Aid Eddie Haleyalig
Director, Counseling Penselynn Etse
Director, Student Life Reedson Abraham
Director, Student Support &
 Services Program
Morehna Rettin-Santos
Office of the Coordinators  
Work Study Tetakke Yee Ting
Peer Counseling Ermine Walliby
Sports and Recreation Castro Joab
Student Services - Chuuk Switer Eter
Student Services - Pohnpei Jeffrey Arnold
Student Services - Kosrae Willer Benjamin
Student Services - Yap Cecilia Dibay
Other Offices  
Dormitory Manager Johnson Sepeti
Health Services Benina Ilon
VPSS Staff  
Executive Secretary Bastora Loyola


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