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Welcome to the website of the Department of Student Services at the College of Micronesia-FSM. As a window to learn about the department and its programs and services, our website is determined to provide:

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Ringlen P. Ringlen
VP Student Services


Life of a student in COM-FSM should never be a dull and boring moment but should be one that is well-spent and worth-remembering.  Student Services thus maintains an umbrella of services that makes sure that a student’s stay in the college is meaningful, enjoyable, safe, healthy and worthy.  Campus life essentials such as housing, social activities and health & safety concerns are efficiently attended to by separate entities to supplement the academic well-being of the students



The College has two dormitories at its National Campus which can accommodate 212 students.  The residence halls are two-storey buildings with restrooms and showers rooms, and laundry rooms.  Each dormitory room is shared by four students and is furnished with two bunk beds and individual student lockers. [more...]


At the National Campus there are two facilities on campus to serve the leisure, recreation and sports needs of dorm and off-campus students - the Sports and Recreation Center and the Student Union.  Pohnpei Campus has multi-purpose gymnasium and a recreation center for students.  All other campuses use the state facilities for their sports programs [more...]


The College maintains a well-equipped dispensary on campus with pharmacy and examination room.  The dispensary provides services in acute, chronic, and preventive health care.  It also provide hospital referral services, personal health counseling, and educational/reference materials on illnesses and health issues. [more...]


All full-time students are members of this association which is led by a student council.  The council includes the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and delegation representatives.  The decision-making body meets every week.  The delegations, which represents geographical areas of the FSM and other entities, meet to discuss student concerns.  Every student is a member of a delegation of his or her choice and has the opportunity to participate in student government and also to be a member of any club. [more...]

Contact Information
Reedson Abraham
Director, Student Life
(691) 320-2480 ext. 159
Castro Joab
Sports and Recreation Coordinator
National Campus
(691) 320-2480 ext. 145
Ramsie Joab
Student Services Aid
Pohnpei Campus
(691) 320-7760
Marcellus Akapito
Student Services Assistant
Chuuk Campus
Bollie Ludwig Taulong
Student Services Aid
National Campus
(691) 320-2480 ext. 159
Patricio Ramirez
Student Services Assistant
National Campus
(691) 320-2480 ext. 159
Loatis Seneres
Student Services Aid
National Campus
(691) 320-2480 ext. 159
Salter Borong
Student Services Aid
National Campus
(691) 320-2480 ext. 159
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