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The Guidance and Counseling office's mission is to encourage, support, and assist students in their pursuit of higher education by providing counseling and educational services to deal with personal, interpersonal, professional, and academic issues.

Reasons why you may want to see your counselor

- Career Choices
- Relationships
- Stress
- Grief
- Alcohol/Drugs
- Suicide
- Work Preparedness Information
- Transferring to other colleges
- Scholarship Information
- Self-esteem
- Sexual Assault/Rape
- Anxiety
- Anger


Professional counseling is available to assist students in establishing or clarifying appropriate educational and vocational goals, and to assist students with problems of social or personal nature. The counselors also offer assistance in career decisions.

Student Issues

Students may feel anxious, angry, lonely or depressed when faced with challenges and academic concerns.  Many students are new to academic pressures and challenges in adjusting to the college environment.  There are sometimes confusion and ignorance in options available for students. The college counselors are able to aide in the personal growth and adjustment, clarification of options available, and are a smart and healthy response to solving problems that may arise during the college experience.


General Services

 - Personal Counseling
 - Academic Advising/Counseling
 - Career Guidance/Counseling
 - Financial Aid Counseling
 - Substance Use/Abuse Counseling
 - Scholarship information
 - Transfer Information                   
 - Work preparedness information
 - Academic & Educational


All currently enrolled full or part-time students are eligible for counseling services. Those who are important in the student’s life such as a spouse, child or friend may be involved in the counseling process as well and do not have to be COM-FSM students.  Sometimes alumnus may return seeking information or for minor problems, and services may be provided.


Students are advised to arrive on time for appointments and to call to cancel or reschedule appointments when necessary.

Contact Information
Penselynn Etse
Lead Counselor
(691) 320-2480 ext. 181
Henry Wilson
National Campus
(691) 320-2428 ext. 144
Lore Nena
National Campus
(691) 320-2428 ext. 189
Cynthia Edwin
Pohnpei Campus
(691) 320-3795 ext 19
Stanley Etse
Pohnpei Campus
(691) 320-3795 ext 23
Inda Maipi
Chuuk Campus
(691) 330-6065
Willer Benjamin
Student Services Specialist
Kosrae Campus
(691) 370-3191
Cecilia Dibay
Student Services Specialist
Yap Campus
(691) 350-2296

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