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Kosrae Campus/Cooperative Research Extension Programs

Currently Kosrae CRE office has one Researcher; a Research Aide; 3 Extension Agents; 1 Extension Assistant and a Coordinator who coordinates research and extension programs in Kosrae. In addition to the research program activities, KCRE has five other extension programs implementing its respective program areas in the communities, schools and at homes.

The Kosrae CRE Advisory Committee is in place and has organized first quarter this year which consists of seven active members. The purpose of this State Advisory Committee is to advise the College President and Vice President through State CRE Office in all matters relating to the State Cooperative Extension Services (CES), the Agriculture Experiment Station (AES) and the interaction with Resident Instruction (RI) Programs and provides inputs to CRE activities located in each state. The advisory committees are to guide, advise and act as a subcommittee of the Cooperative Research and Extension Committee.

Mission Statement:

We provide excellent programs in the areas of food safety and nutrition, agriculture production, youth & families, and home business development through our dynamic extension and research efforts.