Listing of Faculty by Division


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Kiyoshi Phillip Chair (691) 320-6614


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Joseph Jr. Felix Chair Ext. 157
Alieli Dumo Instructor Ext. 110
Ruci Yauvoli Business Instructor Ext. 110
Marian Gratia Medalla Business Instructor Ext. 110
Marlene Mangonon Business/ Computer Instructor Ext. 110
Rafael Pulmano Business Instructor Ext. 110
Edper Castro Instructor Ext. 122


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Robert Andreas Chair Ext. 102
Susan Moses Professor Ext. 115
Paul Gallen Associate Professor Ext. 115
Magdelena Hallers Professor Ext. 106
Richard Womack Professor Ext. 102

Language & Literature

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Resida Keller Chair Ext. 305
Wilson J. Kalio Professor Ext. 217
Monica Rivera Instructor Ext. 218
Wenonoa Spivak Instructor Ext. 213
Chen Zhengxu Instructor Ext. 218
Christopher McSween Instructor Ext. 224
Davenesam Senarathgoda Assistant Professor Ext. 229
Yoriko Tanigawa Japanese Instructor Ext. 216
Jonathan Neal Instructor Ext. 194
Leilani Jean Welley-Biza Instructor Ext. 229

Natural Science & Mathematics

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Frankie Harriss Chair Ext. 225
Brian Lynch Math/Sci Instructor Ext. 225
Dennis Gearhart Professor Ext. 209
Mihai-Theodor Dema Associate Professor Ext. 110
Yenti Verg-in Instructor Ext. 110
Dana Lee Ling Math/Sci Professor Ext. 228
Donald Buden Associate Professor Ext. 214
Reynaldo Garcia Instructor
Snyther Biza Instructor
Jazmin Gonzales Math/Sci Professor Ext. 226
Dr. Giuseppe CuboniĀ  Technical Consultant, Public Health Ext. 130

Social Science

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Mariana Ben Dereas Chair Ext. 112
Delihna Ehmes Instructor Ext. 112
John Haglelgam Professor Ext. 112
Faustino Yarofaisug Instructor Ext. 112
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