Danilo Dumantay: Comptroller
Danilo Dumantay

Comptroller, Financial and Auxiliary Services

The Comptroller is the Chief Financial Officer of the College of Micronesia – FSM responsible in ensuring sufficient and well – managed fiscal resources that will maintain financial stability and support the academic mission of the college.  The Comptroller is tasked to oversee the day to day administration and management of the operations and affairs of Business Office as well as the two auxiliary enterprises, the Bookstore and the Cafeteria of the college.  The Comptroller reports directly to the Vice – President for Administrative Services, and serves as the Chairman of the Finance Committee of the President.

The Business Office handles funds and treasury management, general budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, payroll, financial records of students, asset management, fiscal operations of state campuses and other business affairs of the college.  The Business Office Manager handles the funds, treasury and budget.  The General Accountant handles the general accounting and financial reporting.  The Payroll Accountant handles all affairs related to payroll, and the State Campus Accountant handles the fiscal operations at state campuses including fiscal records of all students.

Bookstore is an institution-wide auxiliary enterprise of the college with the goal of maintaining a self-sufficient operation. The Bookstore is primarily established to provide instructional materials for students, faculty and staff.  The Bookstore is under the supervision of the Comptroller, and the Bookstore Manager handles the day-to-day business affairs of Bookstore.  The College maintains one bookstore at each campus in Pohnpei campus, Chuuk campus, Kosrae and Yap campus.

The Cafeteria is an auxiliary enterprise expected to perform a self-reliant operation.  The Cafeteria is established to primarily provide nutritious meals and cafeteria services to dormitory students at National campus.  Cafeteria services are also provided to all other students, faculty and staffs, sponsored programs of the college and other non – College of Micronesia – FSM patrons.  The Cafeteria is under the supervision of the Comptroller and the Food Services Manager handles the day-to-day operations of cafeteria.