Certificate of Achievement in Career Education
[Emphasis: Motor Vehicle Mechanics ]

Program Description

The certificate programs in career education are designed for those who wish to enter a trade but who also wish to broaden their education and open the possibility of future study.

Program Learning Outcomes

In these programs the emphasis will be on practical training designed to satisfy the requirements of the basic and intermediate skill levels as specified under the Pacific Regional Trade Testing Scheme and administered by the Trade Training and Testing Unit. The program will be offered in a partnership agreement between that body and the College.

Depending on the trade area chosen, the title of the Certificate conferred will be followed in brackets by the relevant identifier as set out in the Technical Requirements section below.

Upon program completion the successful graduate will be able to competently perform the following skills:

  1. Identify safety and occupational health requirements in the specific trade area being studied.
  2. Use specified hand and power tools.
  3. Read and interpret information from technical drawings related to the respective trade.
  4. Perform hand skills in their respective trades.
  5. Participate in the respective trade.
  6. Successfully pass the theoretical and practical exams (Basic and Intermediate Level) as specified under the Pacific Regional Trade Testing Scheme.

Programs Requirements

General Education Requirements - 12 Credits

ESL 050 Technical English (4)
MS 104 Technical Math I (3)
CA 100 Computer Literacy (3)
BU 097 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3)

Technical Requirements - 22Credits

VTM 101 Intro to Motor Vehicle Mechanics (4)
VTM 102 Fuel Engine Cooling and Standard Power Train System (4)
VTM 103 Ignition Electrical and Transmission Systems (4)
VTM 104 Brakes Steering Suspension and Wheel Alignment (4)
VTM 150 Cooperative Education

Total Credits Required - 34 Credits

Suggested Schedule

Fall Semester

Course Number Course Title Credit (s)
ESL 050 Technical English 3
MS 104 Technical Math I 4
VTM 101 Introduction to Motor Vehicle Mechanics 4
VTM 102 Fuel, Engine Cooling & Standard Power Train Systems 4
  Total= 15

Spring Semester

Course Number Course Title Credit (s)
CA 100 Computer Literacy 3
BU 097 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3
VTM 103 Ignition, Electrical & Transmission Systems 4
VTM 104 Brakes, Steering, Suspension & Wheel Alignment 4
  Total= 14

Summer Session

Course Number Course Title Credit (s)
VBM 150 Cooperative Education 6
  Total= 6