Technology and Trade

Division of Technology and Trade


The College of Micronesia-FSM's Division of Technology and Trade is a vocational training institution that offers one-year certificate programs in the fields of building maintenance, construction electricity, electronics, air-conditioning and refrigeration, small engine outboard motor equipment repair,and motor vehicle mechanics and two-year Associate of Applied Science Degrees in building technology, electronics technology, and telecommunications.


Division of Technology and Trade is dedicated to creating a high quality workforce through educational excellence and student success in collaboration with its diverse communities.


  1. Create and provide quality vocational and technical instructional programs, courses, and experiences that foster student learning consistent with workforce needs

  2. Foster a positive college climate that supports learning, communication, recognition, and collaboration among a diverse faculty and student body

  3. Provide instructional, administrative, and student support services to enable COM-FSM to meet the goal of creating a quality workforce

  4. Support and expand responsive services that provide student access into COM-FSM vocational and technical programs and courses and promote success within a diverse student body

  5. Develop and foster partnerships with business, industry, labor, employment and training agencies, and other educational institutions

  6. Promote COM-FSM vocational and technical program development through public relations and marketing activities, and business and industry contacts

  7. Attract and develop quality and diverse personnel committed to the goals of excellence and workforce skill standards

  8. Maintain current and accessible facilities and equipment, and acquire emerging technologies for the learning and work environments

  9. Promote continuous quality improvement in all COM-FSM vocational and technical activities and services