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The Student Support Services Program(SSSP) is a Trio program designed to provide comprehensive academic support services to increase retention and transfer rate of eligible students and also to foster an institutional climate that is supportive of the success of low-income, first generation college students and students with disabilities.

The students who are accepted into the program receive academic advisement, personal counseling, peer mentoring, individual and group tutoring, and other academic enrichment activities designed to help students adjust to campus life, succeed academically, and complete their academic programs at COM-FSM.

SSSP always pointing to the stars, Achieve what is beyond your ability, Go beyond your destiny, Test your capability  for nothing is impossible, Anything can become an opportunity, Just give it a try, SSSP is there to be your guide, To be successful you have to outsmart successful, To achieve your goal you have to work with heart, mind and soul. After graduation it always opens a new door, It is not the end, but Graduation can always be the beginning, As the saying goes "Aim for the moon if you miss you will surely land on one of the stars ."  By: Patrick E 

There is no cost to be in this program, it is free! If you qualify, only your commitment is required.  Since the number of participants is limited to 160 per academic year, you will receive personalized attention and your progress will be closely monitored.   


The tutors come highly recommended from the College and the community. There are student and non-student tutors with successful college experiences available to assist participants. 

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SSSP Provides The Following Support Services:

Individual and Small Group: Tutoring especially designed to support successful passing of courses, particularly in English and remedial math and other courses when requested by participants, that fall within the capabilities of SSSP personnel; tutoring in computer skills (e.g., word processing, internet).

Supplemental Instruction: Primarily in ESL 088/089 and other English and remedial mathematics courses. A tutor meets regularly with the participants as a group or on an individual basis clarifying course contexts and materials. This support service is based on the courses participants enroll in during each academic semester.

Counseling: Personal counseling and group workshops on topics such as library skills, alcohol and drug use/abuse and time management; academic issues-course selection and sequence, selecting a degree program, meeting with instructors to discuss academic difficulties; (for example, locating and selecting appropriate colleges, applying for admission and financial aid); pre-departure orientation sessions for participants planning to transfer to a four-year institution outside of FSM; individual and small group workshops on cultural issues (e.g., how to adapt to a western style institution of higher education), career exploration, financial aid (e.g., applying for FAFSA on time, understanding how financial need is determined) and money management.

Academic Enrichment: On  general study skills, time management, note-taking, building reading and listening skills, computer skills, learning styles, improving memory, taking tests, finding and using information through the library, internet, Freshmen Orientation Program and other activities.

Cultural Enrichment:  Excursions to selected cultural events (e.g., plays, music festivals, cultural day, etc.), field trips to historical sites (e.g., Nan Madol and other selected sites of historical and traditional significance). Others include guest speakers, cultural crafts and workshops.

 Mentoring: Activities designed to provide smooth transition to the college environment for new participants and those needing extra support.  New students are also mentored by older sophomore student mentors.  (Refer to Mentoring Program brochure for details)



To be eligible for this program, a participant must be a citizen of the Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Marshalls, Republic of Belau, or a U.S. citizen. A student must be enrolled at the College of Micronesia-FSM national campus. He/She must also meet two of the following      requirements:
.  Must be a first-generation college student (neither parent have a bachelor degree)
.  Must have a disability (documentation must be provided)
.  Must show a need for additional assistance in order to complete basic college requirements.


SSS participants are expected to maintain regular contact with the SSS staff throughout their enrollment at COM-FSM. Submit required documents:
.  Participate in programs academic workshops and
.  Be on time for tutoring appointments
.  COM-FSM acceptance letter
.  Parents income statements

Contact Information
Morehna Rettin-Santos
Director, SSSP
(691) 320-2480 ext., 131
Lucy Donre
Education Specialist
(691) 320-2480 ext., 131
Senoleen Syne
Student Services Specialist I
Student Services Specialist I
Lerihna Lebehn
Administrative Assistant
Lerihna Lebehn
Administrative Assistant

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