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A+ Center

The College of Micronesia-FSM National Campus A+ Tutoring Program is committed to developing confident and competent students with improved educational results by providing assistance to succeed and accomplish academic goals.

Students who are interested in getting tutoring are to schedule tutoring sessions with the tutor and/or supervisors


Instructor referral forms are available from the supervisor(s).  Instructors should fill out the top part of the referral forms and submit to Tutoring Center supervisor(s).  Upon receiving referral forms, supervisor(s) will need to get student's free time to match to tutor's schedules.


Tutors will fill out the bottom part of the referral forms and return to supervisor to submit to instructor.


It is advised that those seeking tutoring assistance meet with the tutors and supervisors to schedule a time for tutoring

Contact Information
Penselynn Etse
Lead Counselor
(691) 320-2480 ext. 181
Henry Wilson
(691) 320-2428 ext. 144
Lore Nena
(691) 320-2428 ext. 189

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