Kosrae Campus
Upward Bound Kosrae

Information Technology

Mission Statement: To maintain, upgrade and improve technology to support enhancement of communication pathways for Kosrae Campus.

Kosrae Campus IT Division exists to perform information technology related services to make sure that students, staff, and faculty at the campus are connected to other COM-FSM campuses and that they are globally linked to the World Wide Web.  

Service Provided:

  • Maintain and upgrades all network and computer equipments
  • Maintain and upgrades computer applications used for instructional and administrative services
  • Performs preventative maintenance on all college owned systems and/or troubleshoots and repairs computer systems if needed
  • Keeps an up to date inventory on all computers, hardware and software
  • Makes recommendation on new purchases of computers, hardware, software and accessories
  • Supervise and monitors all computer labs on campus to make sure that students have access to functioning computers
  • Creates email/myshark accounts for new students to enable their access to the Student Information System (SIS) Database

Contact Information:

Renton Isaac
Information Systems Specialist

Email: isaarent@comfsm.fm
Phone: (691) 370-3191 Ext. 16
Mobile: (691) 970-6228