Chuuk Campus

Chuuk Campus is located on the island of Weno in Chuuk State. It serves approximately 400 full time students each semester. At present it occupies leased site located along the waterfront in the business section of Weno. Plans call for construction of new permanent site outside the business area on its own campus.

We offer associate degree programs in teacher education—elementary and in early childhood education and certificate of achievement programs in general studies, bookkeeping and preschool teacher education. In addition, it offers an Intensive English/Mathematics Program to strengthen basic skills, developmental course work in English and Math to enable students to qualify for admission into degree programs, customized training programs in the area of vocational education, and specialized courses in local customs, languages and skills.

The Cooperative Extension Services (CES) component of the Land Grant Program has been integrated into the operations of the Chuuk Campus. The campus also receives TRIO funds to run an Upward Bound Program which serves 60 students on an annual basis in cooperation with Chuuk High School.


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