PreSenior Pretest Name: __________________

Although the course will cover a broad range of areas including Microsoft PowerPoint, Internet, web page authoring, online security, and other areas, the pretest will focus solely on the ability to integrate existing material into a PowerPoint presentation.

Use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a presentation with the following features:

  1. The first screen should contain your name as the title screen
  2. The second screen should contain a bulleted list with the following elements:
  3. The third screen should be the following image from the given Internet location:
    Kosraen dancers
  4. For the fourth screen open up the Excel file at:
    It should look like the following image:
    Excel image
    Insert by a method of your choosing the data table from that spreadsheet into screen four of your powerpoint presentation.
  5. For the fifth screen, insert by a method of your choosing the chart from the above spreadsheet into screen five of your powerpoint presentation.
  6. For the sixth and last screen write your own concluding text.

PreTest URL: