Fall 1998

Micronescience Project (Under construction)
Final Examination Fall 1998
Botany 250 Technology questionairre
Title III Math Science Software Specialist 1998 Annual Report

Flora of Pohnpei Files

Flora List in Excel Format

Flora List for Pohnpei from Christopher Dahl (File creation date 15 Nov 1997)
The above list is a comma delimited file that can be reconstructed in tabular format by copying and pasting into a word processing document and then converting from text to table format delimited on commas (up to 60 pages in landscape view!).  Alternatively save the file as a text file with the name "flora.csv" and many spreadsheets will then correctly open the file.  The file is 768 rows.  List is alphabetized by Genus, but the family is in the first column.  List does include Pohnpeian name for selected species.

Fall 1998 Laboratories

980825 Laboratory 0: Introduction to our lawn: Wedelia trilobata, Mimosa pudica, and Bidens alba
980901 Laboratory 1: Concepts in classification (Link is to Texas A&M laboratory)
980908 Laboratory 2a: Vegetative characters I: Introduction to plant morphology
980915 Laboratory 2b: Vegetative characters II: Collecting, scanning, converting to JPEG, building web pages.
980922 Laboratory 3: Reproductive Morphology
980929 Laboratory 4: Cyanobacteria, Algae, and Bryophytes
[Future expansion: Lycopodophyta, Pteridophyta, Cycadophyta]
981006 Laboratory 5: Plants of Palikir
981013 Laboratory Midterm
981020 Laboratory 6: Seed structure, sprouting, and development
981027 Laboratory 7: Soil analysis

Topsoil tour curriculum kit
Lamotte soil test kit and handbook
Biology and chemistry of soils experiment kit
No wait soil test kit
Easy to use soil test kit

981103 Holiday
981110 Laboratory 8: Images from the class field trip to the Pohnpei Agriculture station including pepper plant, coffee plant, cinnamon leaves, cassia tree flower flowers and various images of unidentified fruit trees.
981117 Laboratory 9: Images from the class field trip up the local mountain
981124 Laboratory 10: Houseplants are your friends
981201 Laboratory 11: URLaboratory
Laboratory final: Identify and fully describe plants in the field as identified by the instructor.

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