Botany 250 Laboratory Midterm Laboratory Test

I. Vegetative character matching.  Write down the number of the leaf with the matching characteristic. Some leaves may be used to match two different items. Some leaves may not be used at all.

_____ acuminate tip
_____ acute tip
_____ even pinnately
_____ cuneate leaf
_____ cordate leaf
_____ hastate leaf
_____ lanceolate leaf
_____ linear leaf
_____ mucronate tip
_____ oblong leaf
_____ obtuse tip
_____ odd pinnately
_____ orbicular leaf
_____ ovate leaf
_____ palmate compound
_____ palmate venation
_____ peltate leaf
_____ parallel venation
_____ scale-like leaf

Sketch an oblanceolate leaf:



II. Reproductive morphology. Write down the letter of the flower with the matching characteristic.

_____ composite head
_____ funnelform corolla
_____ papilionaceous corolla
_____ rotate corolla
_____ salverform corolla
_____ tubular corolla

III. Sketch the flower provided on this table, identifying with labels the various parts of the flower.






IV. There are two compound microscopes and one dissecting microscope set up in this section. 

1. Identify the brown item emerging from the moss in the dissecting microscope.  Label the parts of this object.

2. Identify the material seen in the microscope.

3. Sketch one of the cells seen in the microscope.  Identify with labels the cell parts visible.

V. Match the plants on the table with their scientific name.

Phylla Family Genus species
_____ Basidiomycetes
_____ Bryophyta
_____ Cyanobacteria Nostoc
_____ Lycopodophyta Lycopodiaceae Lycopodiella cernua
_____ Magnoliophyta Asteraceae Bidens alba
_____ Magnoliophyta Asteraceae Wedelia trilobata
_____ Magnoliophyta Casuarinaceae Casuarina equisetifolia
_____ Magnoliophyta Mimosaceae Mimosa pudica
_____ Magnoliophyta Verbenaceae Lantana camara
_____ Pinophyta Araucariaceae Araucaria columnaris
_____ Pteridophyta Gleicheniaceae Dicranopteris linearis

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