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Micronesian Studies A.A. Degree Program

The Micronesian Studies Program is designed for those who want to work in government or politics; those who want to be elementary or secondary social studies teachers; or those who want to transfer to a four-year college as a social science major. The Micronesia-related program content can accommodate students from throughout Micronesia including the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Palau, Guam and Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas.

General Education Core Requirements - 28 credits

English (9 credits)
EN 110 Advanced Reading (3)
EN 120a Expository Writing 1 (3)
EN 120b Expository Writing 2 (3)

Mathematics (3 credits) depending on placement
MS 100 College Algebra (3) or
MS 101 College Algebra and Trigonometry (3)
Natural Science (7 credits)
A Science course with laboratory (4)
A Non-lab science or agriculture course (3)
Social Sciences (3 credits)
SS 150 History of Micronesia (3)

Computer Applications(3 credits)
CA 100 Computer Literacy (3)

Humanities(3 credits)
Any course in Art, Music, History, Literature, Philosophy, or Language (3)


Major Requirements - 27 credits

SS 101 Introduction to Political Science (3)
SS 120 Introduction to Geography (3 )
SS 125 Pacific Geography( 3 )
SS 195 Micronesian Cultural Studies (3 )
SS 200 Research Methods (3 )
SS 205 Micronesian Government & Politics (3 )
SS 212 Economy of Micronesia (3)
SS 220 Contemporary Issues In Micronesia (3 )
SS 280 Directed Study: Selected Topics (3 )

Open Electives - 6 credits


Graduation Requirement - 61 Credits



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