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Languages and Literature

Natural Science and Mathematics

Social Sciences

COM-FSM Academic Divisions

Division of Agriculture

The Division of Agriculture offers an Associate degree in General Agriculture, covering topics in crop production, animal science, agriculture engineering and project management, with an additional focus on business and microeconomics.

Division of Business

The Division of Business offers Associate degrees in Business or in Accounting. The program's major requirements include accounting, business and financial management, economics, and business communications.

Courses and an Associate degree in Computer Informations Systems are also offered through our Business Division. Course topics range from computer literacy and applications through business and geographic information systems, computer programming, Internet and Web-based information.

Division of Education

The education program consists of both a two year Associate's degree in education and a third year program where students with an Associate's degree in a non-education field can complete the requirements for teacher certification here in Micronesia. The programs are designed to prepare Micronesians for careers in education here in Micronesia.

Division of Languages and Literature

The Division of Languages and Literature is comprised at present of remedial English courses and first and second year collegiate English courses. The core to our college English courses consists of Advanced Reading, Expository Writing, and Speech Communications. Courses in Journalism and Business Communication are offered as well. A number of languages are offered, including Japanese, French, Spanish, and German.

Our Literature of the Sea and Mythology courses both place a strong emphasis on the Pacific area, Micronesia and Polynesia.

Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Our math program is taught out of the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Topics covered include conceptual mathematics, technical math (basic algegba, geometry and trigonometry applied to life skill problems) through multivariable calculus.

The core to our science program includes courses in health science, ecology, biology, and the physical sciences. Many courses focusing on Micronesia are offered, including conservation science, oceanography, aquaculture and fishery biology.

Division of Social Sciences

The Division of Social Science teaches primarily introductory courses in Psychology, Sociology, Geography, Political Science, World History and Micronesian History in support of the college's various degree programs. It also offers Micronesia-focused courses such as Micronesian Government and Politics, the Compact of Free Association, and Contemporary Issues in Micronesia as part of its Degree Program in Micronesian Studies. The Division's four faculty members represent a diversity of interests and expertise within the social and behavioral sciences.

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