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ESS 101w Walking for Fitness

Exercise Sport Science 101w Walking for Fitness fall 2020
Exercise Sport Science 101w Walking for Fitness spring 2021
Exercise Sport Science 101w Walking for Fitness fall 2021


Kava impact on average running time


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Jogging and Juggling: Joggling on Pohnpei

Micronesian languages vocabulary, joggling vocabulary, and local racing rules.
Joggling: Speed, Time, and Pace
Schematic of distances around Kolonia on Pohnpeiods
Guidelines for running roads and trails
Road running routes
Waterfall run handout
Trail running
Bernoulli effect
Site swap notation: a physical science laboratory

ESS 101j Joggling 2002 – 2004

Jogging, Juggling, Joggling, and all that Jazz

An introduction to the aerobic fitness exercises of jogging, running, and joggling. Designed for the non-runner or beginning runner. The course is effectively an introduction to cardiovascular fitness via running.

Course documents

Program Outcomes [deprecated]
ESS 101j Joggling Outline
ESS 101j Joggling Reasoning
Framing Thoughts for "What is a sport?"
ESS 101j Joggling Calendar
Gym Rules
Instructor checklist for class
Release Form
Modified Release Form Fall 2003

ESS 101j Course Handouts

Run Softly, Run Tall
Stretching Pros and Conssxw
Foot type document
Wet Test GIF
Men's foot size chart (pdf)
Women's foot size chart (pdf)
Source of foot size charts and running shoes of all brands
Foot Size PDF Print Dialog box setup
Aerobic and anaerobic (sxw)
Why keep a running log? (sxw)
Affective domain physical education survey for jogglingsxw
Fall 2003 survey resultsSpring 2004Fall 2004
Gym laps sxc
Schematic of distances around Kolonia on Pohnpeixlssxc
Tables of runs with times xls

Budget Documents 2002-2004

Kinesiology Performance Based Budget 2004
221 Performance Based Budget 31 Dec 2002
Chair ESS
Personnel Requisition Chair ESS