ESS 101w Walking for Health and Fitness fall 2021

ESS 101w Walking for Health and Fitness Calendar of topics for ESS 101w Walking for Health and Fitness Monday mile Tuesday mile Wednes mile Thursday mile Friday mile 01 16 Aug Intro ESS ▶️ Strava introduction ▶️ Walking benefits ▶️ Technique▶️ Quiz one Gospel dayKosrae 02 23 AugNumbers▶️ Taking your pulse ▶️ VO₂ max Fitness ▶️ VO₂ max Aerobic cap ▶️ Numbers📄 Quiz two 03 30 AugAnatomy▶️ Gaitcycle▶️ Legmuscles▶️ Shoes andgait▶️ Quiz three 04 06 Sep Physiology▶️ Ex Physio▶️ Energy▶️ KosraeLiberation Fibers▶️ Quiz four PohnpeiLiberation (obs) 05 13 Sep 5 factors▶️ Componentsfitness▶️ MsMeCveFBcKenosha🔗 Before andafter▶️ Quiz five 06 20 Sep Foot types▶️ Do thewet test▶️ Arch typesand shoes▶️ Foot striketechnique▶️ Foot type📄 Quiz six 07 27 Sep Pain sources▶️ Lower backpain? Walk!▶️ Walking forback pain▶️ Core▶️ Quiz seven Chuukconstitution 08 04 Oct H₂O & heat▶️ Hydration▶️ Heat ills🔗 Badwater▶️ Quiz eight 09 11 Oct Flexyoga mind▶️ Jerome▶️ Kisarhi▶️ Yoga▶️ Mindfulnessmeditation▶️ Quiz nine 10 18 Oct Shinrin yoku▶️ Dr. Qing LiArt & Sci▶️ Forestbathing▶️ YoshifumeMiyazaki▶️ Quiz ten UN day (obs) 11 25 Oct Power walk▶️ Race walk▶️ Speed, racepower walk🔗 Overheatedrace walker▶️ Quiz eleven 12 01 Nov Slow jogging▶️ Chi walking▶️ 03 NovFSM Indep Pose method▶️ Quiz twelve Pohnpei con 13 08 Nov Only if ❤️ healthy! Run walk▶️ Walk to run▶️ 11 NovVeterans day Quiz thirteen 14 15 Nov Running▶️ Runner'shigh▶️ Jess ▶️ Jerry▶️ Rob ▶️ Nii ▶️ Run!▶️ Strive!▶️ Quiz fourteen 15 22 Nov Joggling▶️ Joggling Tips▶️ How to joggle▶️ TriathlonJoggling▶️ ThanksgivingChuuk Kosrae Jogglingvocab for fun🔗 ▶️ ▶️ 16 29 Nov Dreams▶️ Run with us▶️ Run on▶️ MirnaValerio▶️ End of term Numbers📄 17 06 DecNo ESS class Finals week:No ESS class Last dayNo ESS class Final examsNo ESS final Final examsNo ESS final

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