SC 130 Physical Science laboratory images

012 Laboratory one: Speaking on a soap box

Arleen determines the mass of a slab of soap

Georgie measures the dimensions of a soap slab

022 Laboratory two: Linear motion A rolling ball gathers no moss

Jake, Breechlyn, and Elsieleen rolled a ball down a ramp in the practice gym.
The ball is on the roll.

Breechlyn releases a ball down the ramp. Elsieleen is ready determine the location of the ball at one second. Jake stands at the ready to measure the distance to the timers including Elsieleen. The lab intentionally finds the location of the ball at one, two, three, four, and five seconds. This makes time the independent (x-axis) variable and y the dependent (y-axis) variable. The slope will be the ball speed.

032 Laboratory three: accelerated motion Dropping the ball on the job

The golf ball dropper must be the timer to avoid timing errors.
The golf ball dropper must be the timer to avoid timing errors

The laboratories engage students in collaborative learning.
Students engaged in learning as part of a team: Tricia, Benskin, Yasko

Arleen, Simpson
Arleen, Simpson with the golf ball in mid-flight

Jake, Marson, Georgie
Jake prepares to time the ball fall while Marson and Georgie hold the meter sticks.

Josie, Breechlyn
Breechlyn has just released the ball while Josita observes.

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