Botany Laboratory Field Trip to the Pohnpei Botanic Garden Fall 2000

The botany class took a field trip to the Pohnpei Botanic Garden on 31 October 2000.  Many thanks to the Pohnpei Visitors Bureau and Richard Porter for access to the garden.  The garden is truly a botanical treasure!  The following are images from the garden field trip.  All pictures were taken during the field trip.   Image tags will appear if roll the mouse over the picture.  Some are marked "UNK" for unknown fruits. If you can identify an unknown fruit, please let know.  The order is roughly in the order we encountered the plants in the garden.  Many of the plants we saw were previously photographed on the Fall 1998 and Fall 1999 field trips.


cycadcone01.jpg (18873 bytes) cycadcone02.jpg (6292 bytes)

Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans)

Date palm?

datepalm01.jpg (21711 bytes) datepalm02.jpg (23659 bytes) datepalm03.jpg (50368 bytes)

Elephant Apple tree (Dillenia indica)

Dillenia_indica01.jpg (20926 bytes) dillenia_indica02.jpg (12333 bytes)

Star Fruit or Carambola (Averrhoea carambola)

starapple01.jpg (23174 bytes) starapple_fruit.jpg (15265 bytes)

Surinam Cherry (Eugenia uniflora or Sysygium uniflora)

surinam_cherry.jpg (25708 bytes) surinam_cherry02.jpg (7683 bytes) surinam_cherry03.jpg (24419 bytes)

Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana?)

 ficus_elasticus01.jpg (15328 bytes) ficus_elasticus_fruit01.jpg (5879 bytes) ficus_elasticus_fruit02.jpg (7817 bytes) ficus_elasticus_branch.jpg (19359 bytes) ficus_elasticus04.jpg (28428 bytes)

Sakau (Piper methysticum)

piper_methysticum01.jpg (18070 bytes)

Unknown epiphytic fern (apparently not marekenleng)

hangingfern01.jpg (21384 bytes) hangingfern02.jpg (18201 bytes) hangingfern04.jpg (27796 bytes) hangingfern05.jpg (17058 bytes) hangingfern06.jpg (23530 bytes)


botany2000_01.jpg (16772 bytes) botany2000_02.jpg (17378 bytes)

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