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April 18, 2000 - Palikir, Pohnpei

COM-FSM Web Site Development Continues

Work continues on filling in the original framework of the COM-FSM web site. The project which started in September of last year will never be done but the quantity and quality of web pages is increasing steadily.

A number of significant developments have occurred in the last eight months, many resulting in new possibilities for local content. A project with San Diego State University prompted us to install software for web-based discussion boards, and we're now able to set up Web-Boards quickly and easily for any application. The software includes an administrator tool that can be used to remove old or unwanted postings. An example board is available to experiment with.

Web forms that forward responses to an e-mail address are also becoming popular. A graduate survey for the new Alumni page is in place, as well as a Faculty Book Order Form for the library.

WebMail has been under development as well, with the latest release put into production early this week. 386 students have signed up for accounts, and more are using WebMail every day. This latest version should be more stable and work better with Internet Explorer. Remember that WebMail is available off-campus! You can use it to check your mail while you're travelling from anywhere you have Internet access.

Here are the web pages I've updated recently:

What remains to be completed? A lot. A faculty page with some basic demographic information would be nice, and it could be used to showcase some of the web development that is going on. We've had many requests to post the class schedule and are planning for that. News and information is always needed. If you have a college-sponsored program that produces a newsletter consider sending it to us for publication on the web! Any newsworthy contribution is appreciated, HTML formatted or not.

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